Tum Bin 2 – Film Review: Musical Romantic Drama Couldn’t Repeat Its Magic

SpotboyE's Sangya Lakhanpal goes to the movies

Tum Bin 2 is a musical romantic drama by Anubhav Sinha who had also helmed the first part of the franchise 15 years back.

So, 15 years have passed but the nature of love remains as complicated as before and Anubhav Sinha takes a contemporary take on it.

The three fresh, new faces in Tum Bin 2 that form the complex love triangle are Neha Sharma (Taran), Ashim Gulati (Amar) and Aditya Seal (Shekhar).

If at all both the versions of Tum Bin are compared, it would become evident that the director has carried little more than just the essence of the previous film.

A beautiful foreign land with an Indian setting and an accident; post that,  guilt-ridden protagonist, burning in the fire of repentance and wants atonement by bringing back joy in the life of the girl.

The beautiful locations, breeze and snow form a significant part of the love story. It helps the audiences to escape from their chaotic world of basic necessities and dive into the ocean of emotions and heartbreaks. Needless to say, looking at the genre of the film, the music plays a very important part.

Sinha has taken time for every scene without making a rush but somewhere down the second half, the film makes very little sense.

SpotboyE.com's biggest film buff Sangya Lakhanpal took to the theatre to review the film and gave 1.5 stars. Watch it once if you want.

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