Ranveer and Kriti have a message for you

Sunday Round-Up of the Week in Fashion

You Wore WHAT!?

Ranveer Singh’s sweatshirt proclaims what we all know – he is the reigning champ of Bollywood.

Kriti Sanon’s T-shirt asked for one thing, you guys. Just one thing.

Take a look at her top from another angle. It really is a long tee with slits. Sigh. Fashion, you amaze me.

Image source: Agencies

Sonam Kapoor is refusing to let go of her character. This clearly looks like something a flight attendant would wear.

Shilpa Shetty was at a jewellery event, so that explains the massive emerald. But what explains the jhatak salwar kameez? There’s just way too much happening here. I’m going to look away because all that shine might blind me.   

So I guess we really are doing dungarees or, as my uncle calls them, a baba suit.

Kareena Kapoor reminds me of a chocolate fountain my niece had at her birthday party. Which, I think, serves the purpose because she is promoting a chocolate ice cream brand.  

Image source: Manav Manglani, Elakiri

Thumbnail Image Source: Manav Mangalni