Kevin Smith’s Holidays trailer is scary!

Kevin Smith’s second foray in the horror genre.

Kevin Smith brings weird to the big screen with Holidays, an anthology of horror film by nine directors, including Kevin.

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As the name suggests, the film adds horror elements to the various holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Christmas and New Year’s.

Image Source: youtube/movieclipstrailers

Vertical Entertainment, XYZ Films and Distant Corners Entertainment come together for this anthology that is superbly shot and is sure to leave a chill down the spine of viewers.

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This is not the first time Kevin, known for his films like Clerks and Mallrats, is associated with a film of the horror genre.  

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His last film in the horror genre was the controversial Red State starring John Goodman and Mellissa Leo.

Holidays will have a limited release on the 22nd of April.

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