Robert Downey Jr. to return to TV with HBO’s Perry Mason?

Downey’s planned Perry Mason reboot might find a home at HBO

Robert Downey Jr. is Marvel’s Iron Man but he’s now dabbling with the idea of returning to TV. There’s strong buzz that he’s working with HBO for a series. And that’s none other than Downey’s planned Perry Mason reboot. Downey earlier planned Perry Mason as a film with Warner Bros., but that somehow didn’t work out. The film was planned as early as 2011. The TV series Perry Mason, a criminal lawyer, ran on CBS from 1957 to 1966. If all goes well, Downey will not only have a role in the series but will be a TV producer too. This is not Downey’s first foray into TV. He earlier had a starring role in Ally McBeal. He entered the series in the 4th season as Larry Paul, Ally’s love-interest.

Criminal lawyer series have seen some impressive results. Drop Dead Diva, which revolved around a supermodel’s spirit going into a plus-sized defense attorney, ran for more than 6 seasons. The Good Wife, which had a woman return to her litigation career after her attorney husband is incarcerated on corruption charges, ran for 7 seasons and a spin-off is in the works. Then, there’s of course, Suits, which also ran for 6 seasons.

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