Zayn Malik’s spat with Azealia Banks

The nasty went from bad to worse

Rapper Azealia Banks accused Zayn Malik of copying her video Yung Rapunxel in his latest video Like I Would. 

Azealia first took pains to create a side-by-side collage of her grabs from her video and Zayn’s and posted this on Instagram:

But all that sugar-and-spice evaporated when Zayn replied:

He didn’t tag anyone in that message but his next message gave a reason for that too.

The nasty really hit the roof when Azealia posted this tweet about a Disney reject:

Like us, even Zayn was confused about it all and then tweeted

She went ahead and used some really unpardonable language in her later tweets:

We don’t know about copying the video, but the language used was definitely unacceptable.

Thumbnail Image Source: thesun & fanshare