That time Priyanka blinded you

You Wore WHAT!?
Priyanka Chopra is winning big. She bagged the award for Favourite Actress in a New TV series at the People’s Choice Awards. But the award was not the only shiny thing she had with her.

Image source: instagram/castillo_13

Priyanka wore a sequined Vera Wang dress. It’s so... SPARKLY! I kid you not, I’m wearing shades and typing.

Image source: instagram/stephaniebbmakeup

It’s super shiny but it also works superbly. And that, obviously, has a lot to do with Priyanka and her styling.

Image source: twitter/peopleschoice

She kept her look minimalist with subtle accessories. Her hair was piled up but her eyes were smoky. She does do smoky eyes very well.

Image source: instagram/pc.kiara

But the actual awe-inspiring moment was when she turned and showed us the strappy back. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited when someone has turned their back on me.

Image source: twitter/peopleschoice & instagram/etcanada

Speaking of excited. Priyanka is clearly loving her award.

Image source: instagram/priyankachopra

But does she love it as much as her pre-red carpet burger?

Thumbnail Image Source: instagram/pc.kiara