Taapsee not sure she is a superstar yet

Mumbai, July 12 (IANS) Actress Taapsee Pannu says she is not sure if she is a superstar yet, but she feels the fact that her journey in films is being assessed is nothing sort of a victory.

"I am not sure about the superstar bit but someone has taken out time to assess and write about my journey this way (and that) is a small victory for me," said the actress, replying to a Twitter portal's query.

Taapsee, 31, made her acting debut with the 2010 Telugu film "Jhummandi Naadam". Since then, she appeared in a number of acclaimed films down South, including "Aadukalam", "Vastadu Naa Raju" and "Mr. Perfect".

She ventured into Bollywood in 2013 with the David Dhawan slapstick, "Chashme Baddoor", and made her mark as an actress of substance with roles in "Baby", "Pink", "Mulk" and "Badla".

She will next be seen in "Saand Ki Aankh", based on the world's oldest shooters Chandro and Prakashi Tomar.



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