Katrina Kaif’s Lookalike Alina Rai On The Term 'Doppelganger': ‘We Should Not Be Judged Purely On Our Appearance’

Alina Rai, in a recent interview, opines that she feels very uncomfortable with the word ‘doppelganger’.

Pallavi Soni

Sun Oct 10 2021, 11:55:07 7380 views
Model and social media influencer Alina Rai recently made headlines for having an uncanny resemblance to actress Katrina Kaif. The Mumbai-based influencer trended on the internet after netizens found how she looked so similar to Katrina. However, Alina says she still has not figured out any similarity between her and the actress. In a recent interview, she expressed her discomfort with the word doppelganger and asserted that she has a lot to offer as an individual and that she should not be judged purely on the basis of her appearance.

While speaking to Hindustan Times, Alina Rai said, “I did not figure out any similarity (then) and still have not figured it! We are both individuals with our own individuality and personalities. I’m sure with more time, people will be able to respect that.”

Explaining how she feels uncomfortable with the word doppelganger, the model added, “I feel very uncomfortable with this word ‘doppelganger’ and don’t believe that we should be judged purely on our appearance. We all have so much more to offer as individuals.”

“I love entertaining and being in front of the camera is my happiness, my relaxation and my kind of fun. So I bring my personality to entertain through something I enjoy doing,” Alina Rai further explained.

Work-wise, Alina Rai has featured in Badshah’s music video ‘Kamaal Hai’. She will reportedly make her Bollywood debut with the film 'Lucknow Junction', where she plays the role of a journalist. Also Read: Katrina Kaif's Lookalike Alina Rai Is The New Internet Sensation; Netizens Call Her ‘The Carbon Copy Of Katrina’-SEE VIRAL PICS

Image Source: Instagram/alinarai0