Akanksha Puri Produces Another 'Set Of Chats' To Answer Paras Chhabra Fans; Adds, 'Return My Money And Break The Last Link'- EXCLUSIVE

This morning, Paras Chhabra fans leaked a few chats between a designer and Akanksha Puri, claiming the actress borrowed the shoes she sent for Paras in the Bigg Boss 13 house. Now, Akanksha has cleared the air around the controversy in an exclusive chat with us

Neeki Singh

Wed Jul 08 2020, 15:19:27 300063342 views
A few hours back, we brought to you a leaked chat of Akanksha Puri with a shoe designer arranging shoes for her then boyfriend Paras Chhabra while he was inside the Bigg Boss 13 house. The chats leaked on an Instagram page claimed that Akanksha had not bought the red shoes for Paras but borrowed it from a designer- much opposite to her claims. 

And now we bring to you what Akanksha has to say on the same. The actress provided us with another set of chats which showed that the leaked chats Paras' fans have been circulating are for other shoes (white) which she had sent too but Paras never wore them. She further clarified that the red shoes were bought by her and they were not that expensive. Akanksha sent us the chat between her and the designer talking about the payment of the shoes. Check the grabs below:

Elaborating on the confusion, Akanksha said, "This chat has nothing to do with the shoes I have gifted him during his Bigg Boss stay. It has been incompletely posted. However, I can share the whole chat with you. Here we are discussing a different white colour shoe which we took for him in a barter deal and he didn't wear it. Which pissed that person so much that he chased me to refund the money for it. And finally I paid him 2100 for the white shoes too."

Also the red colour shoe which I sent him was indeed purchased by me. When I saw him destroying his yellow shoes for the task, I told the Colors team that I want to send him shoes and they said but it can't be the same colour as it was destroyed. So, I spoke to the designer who had given us the yellow shoes to give me a different colour in it. But this time he was not ready to give it for free and asked me to buy it. So, I bought that for 4200. It was not that expensive, the way it was reported by some section of media without checking with me the rates. When he decided to enter the house I collaborated with 38 stylists and designers, not knowing that I'll have to deal with this blame game in the future.  People are trying to malign my image by leaking chats falcally. But I am done this time and to bring full stop I am sharing my chats with the designers so that this whole confusion is sorted." 

While ending the conversation Akanksha said, "It's been so many months now I have been dealing with this topic, which I don't want to. I am happy with my life and want to focus on my work. The moment he will pay my dues which is in lakhs, the last link will also be over between us. The amount is big, so I had given his mother the option to pay it in installments and she said they will get back to me which hasn't happened yet. I really don't want to keep any ties with him but before that he has to clear my dues." 

Image Source:- ansunibaatein