Anik Datta: Soumitra Chatterjee was my only choice for the protagonist of Borunbabur Bondhu

Borunbabur Bondhu is director Anik Datta’s fifth film. The director is best known for his 2012 debut film Bhooter Bhabishyat. Soumitra Chatterjee plays the octogenarian protagonist of Anik Datta’s new film Borunbabur Bondhu

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Anik Datta: Soumitra Chatterjee was my only choice for the protagonist of Borunbabur Bondhu
Soumitra Chatterjee is 84 years old and still going strong. Not one to be relegated to side roles, he is still playing lead characters. Case in point is Anik Datta’s new film Borunbabur Bondhu. The film, slated to release in January 2020, revolves around Borunbabu, played by Soumitra Chatterjee. Talking about casting one of Satyajit Ray’s favourite actors as his lead character, director Anik Datta says, “Soumitra Da was my only choice for playing Borunbabu. There were no other options.”

It is not easy working in films regularly at the age of 84. Anik Datta recollects, “Soumitra Da has some restrictions because of his health. He can only shoot for four hours in a day, so we had to utilise that time to the fullest.” He adds, “It was a wonderful experience working with Soumitra Da. Actors from his era are very professional. They come prepared and know exactly what to do. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of some of the younger actors of today!”

In Borunbabur Bondhu, Soumitra Chatterjee’s character is that of a man who exists in his own world, with minimum interaction with others. “He has almost no friends. He is a misfit in a consumerist society. Mentally he is modern and progressive, whereas all of us are going in the opposite direction. We are becoming regressive, as is evident from what is happening all around us,” says Anik Datta.


Borunbabu leads a quiet, isolated life when something happens which changes the equation. Anik Datta explains, “Inadvertently Borunbabu becomes a very imp person. From living a withdrawn life, he becomes the centre of attraction. The film shows how he deals with everything that follows.”

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