Jamia Protest: Aparna Sen, Srijit Mukherji Condemns Delhi Police Against Students

Many celebrities including Bollywood are raising voice against the violence which took place in Jamia Millia Islamia. Protests are still going on against the Delhi Police. Many politicians have also joined the protesters

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Jamia Protest: Aparna Sen, Srijit Mukherji Condemns Delhi Police Against Students
Many students from other universities have come together in support of Jamia Millia Islamia students after the alleged use of police force in the campus on Sunday evening. Several students were injured in this violence. Today, the opposition parties raised voice against the Delhi Police and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). A country-wide protest is going on against the Act which was passed few days ago.

Tollywood also raised their voice against this misbrhaviour. Director Aparna Sen took to her Twitter handle and wrote, ‘The writing is on the wall! India WILL NOT accept Savarkar's India. The youth of the country is rising in protest. 7 states have opposed CAA. Shame on an administration that attacks universities! I stand in solidarity with the students of India.”

She further added, “Please keep your protests non-violent, fellow protesters! Our protest will be far more effective that way. Time to remember Gandhi now.”

Srijit Mukherji tweeted, “I condemn the brutal attack on the students across the country.  I condemn the loot, arson and attack on the innocent in the name of 'protests'. I condemn the fact that this toothless condemnation on social media.”

The row on Sunday evening after Delhi police entered the campus without permission and destroyed two mosques in the campus. Students also claimed that Delhi police also beat up two students who were studying in.

Image Source:-Instagram/srijitmukherji