Chitrangda Singh's Meridians- Khullam Khulla Talk On Scenes, Movies, Directors

Chitrangda Singh in our MERIDIAN SERIES, traces her 3 top scenes, 3 top movies and 3 top directors- without mincing words

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Chitrangda Singh's Meridians- Khullam Khulla Talk On Scenes, Movies, Directors
Chitrangda Singh is an ocean of talent. Give her any role and she walks away with high marks. She has been graceful yet sexy. She has been quiet yet fiercely emotive. She is what an actor should be. We caught up with Chitrangda online, few days back.

We asked her to tell us in detail about her 3 best scenes, 3 best movies, Singh was very happy to detail through them. Some of the choices were expected, some took us by surprise. We wouldn't like to give away her disclosures. The time has come to SEE THE VIDEO

I, for one, love Chitrangda in Inkaar. I think it was her most difficult role till date. To each his own, though. Find out if Inkaar became a part of the conversation at any stage or not. For, it is not necessary that she has to agree with me.

I still cannot forget the day that she had announced that she's coming back to silver screen after marriage. We had done a longish interview with her.  My colleague in Mumbai Mirror (I was in Mirror then), Amit Khosla, strongly advocated in the editorial meeting that we should take that interview as the lead story. I, who was also a part of the meeting, was not too keen. He turned around and said, "There can never be anybody more beautiful than Chitrangda Singh". I went with his sentiment. Those were the days when journalism was exchange of ideas and nothing but truth. Jazba tha, isliye usmein jaan thi.

Anyway, in case you still haven't seen the interview ABOVE, why don't you click on the video?

image source:- instagram/chitrangda