Father’s Day 2021: Amrita Rao Has Gone From "Cute To Hot" After The Birth Of Baby Veer, Gushes Husband Anmol - EXCLUSIVE

Amrita Rao’s husband and Radio Jockey Anmol, talks about his ‘second’ Father’s Day with son Veer, how life changed after him, his own father and plans of celebration for today

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Father’s Day 2021: Amrita Rao Has Gone From "Cute To Hot" After The Birth Of Baby Veer, Gushes Husband Anmol - EXCLUSIVE
Vivah actress Amrita Rao and her RJ husband Anmol became proud parents to their baby boy Veer last November. Today marks Anmol’s first Father’s Day with Veer, but that’s not how Anmol sees it. “I celebrated it with him last year as well. The only difference is that he was in Amrita’s tummy last year, and now he is here with me physically and I can play with him. I felt that rush and excitement of being a father then as well, so it’s my second Father’s Day with Veer,” he asserts.

Anmol shares that the bond he has with his son is something unique. “More than a father, I connect with Veer as a brother. I refer to him as ‘bhai’. When I am in a different room working and see Amrita walking by, I ask her ‘bhai kya kar raha hai?’. That’s the relationship I would like to continue to have with him. I don’t even tell him to call me dad. I want him to call me Anmol,” he reveals.

In the current Covid situation, even Anmol worries about Veer not getting the normal surroundings to grow up in. “That thought has crossed my mind as ideally, we should be going out more, and I want him to be an outdoor person, but we have no choice,” he points out, but adds that he does see the light in these dark times. “The silver lining in these dark clouds is that I am getting to spend this time with him. As a father I feel lucky, because I always wanted to be a hands-on father.”

When Amrita was pregnant, Anmol would pamper her a lot playing the saxophone to her, reading The Bhagavad Gita to her and Veer, amongst other things. In a conversation with Spotboye.com, Amrita had revealed that all the pampering towards her had stopped since Veer came, as all the time and energy is spent towards him now. Ask Anmol about it and he responds, “Now that Bhai is out, he is like a cyclone. Everything starts and ends with him. The whole house is at Bhai’s disposal.”

Fatherhood changes a man’s perspective towards life. Ask Anmol how Veer’s arrival affected his and he shares, “When Veer was born, I said in my heart that whatever I do now, Veer will be my business partner. I have been in touch with different banks to get an account opened for Veer, and I don’t remember ever doing that for myself. I genuinely want him to be my business partner and whatever I earn, it is 50-50 between us now.”

Anmol insists that he is a wild guy in life and he wants even Veer to imbibe that. “I am a daring guy in life and most of the things I have done were unchartered territories and they excited me. And that’s why we named our son Veer so that he also becomes a daring person in life,” he says.

Mothers usually have a head start of nine months since they carry their babies in their womb, but every father has a unique moment when it hits them that they are a father now. And Anmol clearly remembers his. “We were in the OT and Veer was about to arrive at any moment. I was beside Amrita holding hands, with my other hand on her forehead. And I couldn’t understand what was happening. I had been waiting for that moment for nine months, but no one could have prepared me for it. Suddenly the doctor came with Veer, and he was crying. The moment they told me it’s a boy, that was the moment it struck me. I had heard about this moment from people but this is something you can understand only when you experience it,” he gushes.

Anmol insists that even when he is not behaving like Veer’s brother, even at that point he is more of a second mother to him. “From Veer waking up, to changing his diaper, giving him a massage, sunbath, giving him a bath to giving him milk and putting him back to sleep, I can do this whole cycle solo without any help,” he says proudly.  

Now Anmol is a RJ and Amrita has a sweet voice, so one would wonder that both the parents must sing a lot to Veer, and Anmol agrees. “We both sing a lot to Veer and there is a song that I used to like, but after Veer, it has become the song that I always want to sing to him. It is Kishore Kumar’s Aa chal ke tujhe, and I relate to its lyrics a lot now. That’s the least a father can pray for his child, and in these Covid times, I wish this for everyone,” he says, adding that he shared Veer’s pic from his car to bring a smile to everyone’s face in these testing times.

Anmol and Amrita have continued their flirtatious banter on social media even after Veer’s arrival, be it Amrita commenting on Anmol’s shirtless pics or Anmol using Amrita’s now infamous ‘Jal lijiye’ meme. Ask Anmol about how their relationship has evolved since Veer, and he philosophises, “Relationships have a life-death circle. When you move into a new phase of your relationship, it’s like a death of your previous equation. And the beauty is to accept every phase as is, because every phase has something new and it has its fun. So, now in everything with us, there is Veer in between,” he states. In an interview Amrita had said that she feels women become hotter after becoming mothers and Anmol agrees. “After Veer, I told her that from cute, now she has become hot.”

Now, Anmol is a RJ while Amrita is an actor. Ask Anmol if in a hypothetical situation, Veer decides to follow one of their career paths when he grows up, whose path would he want Veer to choose? “I have never thought about it as I am myself very wild in my choices. But what about he becomes an actor who is a radio jockey by night? He will promote his films himself,” he laughs, adding, “I am doing a night show myself on radio anyway, and I will hopefully do that for about 15-20 years more, after that maybe he can take over.” But even Anmol himself has tasted how it feels to be in front of the camera as the host of the music show Jammin, so any plans of delving into acting? “Not at all. I have such a brilliant actor at home that I know I can never match up to her. I would always do something that I know I can be the best at. So, I won’t enter a field where I can’t be the best.”

Ask Anmol about his own father and he asserts that he is an extraordinary person. “When people say I have got an amazing voice, I tell them it’s all because of my father as that is where I get it from. My voice is an exact replica of his. Beside being a government officer, my father was a national level athlete, a national 100 metre champion, and my athletic physique is because of him. Usually kids my age would watch cricket with their father, while I was the only guy who would watch wrestling and 100 metre races,” he shares.

Anmol informs that in different phases of his life, he got to explore two sides of his father. “I explored my father, the athlete in the first half of my life and the later part, I explored how balanced he was mentally. How unaffected he was from things and how I really want to imbibe that. We are also more like buddies and we have our videos of wrestling or arm wrestling together,” he informs.  

So, what are his plans for Father’s Day with his father and Veer? “It’s International Yoga Day tomorrow, so I have a very huge campaign that I am doing with my concept and idea, so I am busy shooting today. Main paisa kama ke launga apne bacche ke liye,” Anmol concludes with a laugh.

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