Poonam Pandey BREAKS DOWN: Sam Bombay Beat Me To An Extent That I Got Brain Hemorrhage, Now He Is Crying And Wants Me To Take The FIR Back- EXCLUSIVE

Poonam Pandey spoke to us in detail about the FIR she has filed against her husband, Sam Bombay for molesting and beating her up

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Poonam Pandey BREAKS DOWN: Sam Bombay Beat Me To An Extent That I Got Brain Hemorrhage, Now He Is Crying And Wants Me To Take The FIR Back- EXCLUSIVE
Poonam Pandey, who tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Sam Bombay on September 1, shocked everyone after she filed an FIR against him in Canacona, Goa within 12 days of their marriage. The actress filed a legal complaint against him for molesting, threatening and assaulting her. Post which SpotboyE.com was the first one to tell you that Poonam was beaten miserably by him after which she had to be hospitalised. 

And now, the actress speaks to us exclusively, about what all she is going through and what made her take the legal route. Hear out this exclusive conversation where the actress has a emotional break down while talking about sufferings:

How are you feeling now? 
I am not well. I am not fine at all. Nobody knows what's happening in my life or have any clue what I am going through from the past one and half year. They are just busy writing bad things and they are writing what they want to write. 

So, now would you like to disclose what exactly went wrong between Sam?
I am in an abusive relationship. This has been happening for the past one and half year. I was under the impression that if I marry him everything will be sorted. But that didn't happen and now my life is ruined. I always paint a picture that I am perfectly fine and everything is perfect.

Did he raise his hands on you?
Yes, he beat me very badly.

When did you decide to file a complaint against him? 
No, I did not decide to go to the police. The hotel we were staying in, their staff called the police after hearing noise from our room. They came in and saw everything that was happening there inside. My face was swollen. I had marks on my body and they could see everything. They decided to take the action and of course I was very much angry because it was happening with me continuously and in that anger I took that legal action against him.

You also decided to end this relationship at the very same moment?
This man has deleted all my pictures from his handle whereas I have not deleted anything, thinking that everything will be sorted even now. He does this everytime and removes them. And I feel I am a fool after reading articles against me that I am making money out of him. Whereas the fact is he is making money out of me by selling my videos. I am telling all this right in front of him as he is sitting here. As I am reading all these articles against me and which is making me angry, I don't know why people are saying all this. 

He is sitting in front of you hearing our conversation?
Yes, now he started walking away because he will report something on his Instagram against me. 

Where are you guys right now?
We are still in Goa. 

What happened to the police complaint you registered against him?
I have to take that complaint back.

But why?
Because he is just crying in front of me and I really don't know what to do? Every time he just beat me up and later starts crying saying sorry. This time also he did the same and promised it  will not happen again and I will treat you good. But this is something he keeps doing always. Because of him I got a brain hemorrhage. 

When did that happen?
I got beaten up very badly this time, it was a half murder. I don't know for how many days I was in the hospital. 

When did this whole incident take place?
I think it was last week and I got discharged from the hospital, two days back. 

So, have you made up your mind about what you want to do now?
Right now I am just sorting myself out as I am in a very big mess. 

What is your family suggesting to you?
My family doesn't want me to be with him. They never wanted me to be in this situation. 

You recently said in an interview that you want to end this marriage.... Are you still thinking of that or want to reconcile?
I don't know anything right now. I have no idea what I'll do. 


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