10 Pics Of Julie 2 Hottie Raai Laxmi That Will Set The Temperature Soaring!

Popular South actress Raai Laxmi has finally made a full-fledged Bollywood debut with Julie 2 today...

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10 Pics Of Julie 2 Hottie Raai Laxmi That Will Set The Temperature Soaring!

Raai Laxmi, who made an appearance in Sonakshi Sinha’s Akira, has made a full-fledged Bollywood debut with Julie 2. The film became a talking point after the trailer, which is high on sex quotient, came out. Not just that, the makers splashed a bikini-clad picture of Laxmi on front pages and former CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani (who rallied against kissing scenes). 

Having said that, Raai Laxmi’s Instagram feed is filled with some extremely hot pictures. So here’s taking a look at 10 sexy pictures of the Julie 2 actress.

Talking about the plot of the film, Julie 2 is about a girl who aspires to be an actress. However, she has to deal with lecherous men who ask her for sexual favours in order to become a "superstar". In between all this, there is also some group which is threatening to harm and kill her. 

Overall, it looks like a dark tale of a woman stuck in a web of show business. While the theme is somewhat grim, there is plenty of skin show and bold scenes.

Talking about casting couch and similar experiences, in an exclusive interview with SpotboyE.com, Raai Laxmi had said, “I thankfully was one of the lucky few who got an easy entry into films. I was only 15 when I did my first film down South. I was a baby, I had no idea about the industry I am getting into, I did not even know the language. The filmmaker who introduced me was a father figure, he knew my family very well.”

“Casting couch is not the only hurdle that every girl faces. But yes, if you are beautiful, it is bound to happen. Frankly, you can be told to compromise in any industry.  It is just that because we are actors, we are highlighted in the media. No doubt, I have gone through situations, where people have indirectly sent me the message that this is your space--- if you want to be in it, be in it; it is your choice,” she added further.

 Her affair with Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not hidden from the world. In fact, there were rumours that Dhoni and Raai Laxmi had got married. Spilling the beans on that, the actress had said, “It is not about dating or not dating. But people had quickly taken it to a level that I was going to get married to him- and that was simply not true. The hype got us into an awkward space and that is why I do not talk to the media much about this-- but I am talking a bit now. I do not want to speak about him in detail because I respect him a lot.”

 Image Source: Instagram/RaaiLaxmi