10 Years Of Jab We Met: 5 Lessons To Learn From Kareena Kapoor’s Geet

Jab We Met has unknowingly taught us a few life lesson which we all need to imbibe. Take a look...

It’s been 10 years that the film Jab We Met released and we just can’t erase the characters of Geet and Aditya from the archives of our memory, especially Geet. The sweet bubbly girl from Jab We Met has unknowingly taught us a few lessons in that we all need to imbibe.

Being your own favourite
being your own favourite

Remember the dialogue, "Main Apni Favorite Hoon?" Somewhere down the line with the circumstances in our lives, we forget to love ourselves. Geet with an ease taught you to love yourself and be your own favourite.

Getting things done
getting things done

Geet loses her luggage in order to get Aditya in the train and  here's their  hilarious conversation,  “Aur ab tum mujhe ghar chhodoge! Aur woh bhi mere poore saamaan ke saath!” Geet definitely taught us how to get things done.

Following your heart

We all remember the scene where Shahid and Kareena Kapoor are at the edge of the lake. Out of nowhere she says, "Pani kitna acha hai na?" She insists on jumping in the lake and even takes Shahid along. The scene taught you to follow your heart no matter what.

Choosing your happy endings
 choosing your happy endings

Geet who is head over heels for Anshuman, gets dumped by him and she falls for Aditya. However, when Anshuman comes back, Geet realises who truly makes her happy. So rather than settling with the one she thought she truly loved, she goes back to Aditya. The scene taught us to realise that we must never be in a haste to marry.

Enjoy the present
enjoy the present

The late hilarious late night adventure when Geet and  Aditya run away from her house, they end up hiding in their own terrace where the two have a heart-to-heart conversation. Aditya who is quite  a serious man, asks Geet to grow up and be serious. Geet in return tells him that whatever has to happen will eventually happen. Moral of the scene: Rather than thinking about what will happen, one needs to enjoy the present.

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