12 Traits That Make You Fall For Shahid Kapoor

Here's the latest update from the world of Bollywood. We bet you wouldn't want to miss this. Read on for details... Can’t help crushing on the birthday boy? Blame it on his star sign.

1. The Piscean man lives in the moment 

2. He can make even mundane moments romantic

3. He is very sensitive...

4. But a warrior nonetheless

5. He embodies confidence

6. And is always up for trying something new

7. He doesn’t really like loud people

8. He may not be argumentative, but puts his point across

9. He lives in the world of dreams and fantasies

10. He may be prone to mood swings...

11. But he can also be extremely tender

12. And lastly, he’s fiercely creative and entertaining


Don’t forget to wish Shahid ‘A Happy Birthday’

Thumbnail Image Source: Manav Manglani