Bigg Boss 10 Eliminations: Who Were The First Ones Out?

As the contestants of Bigg Boss 10 prepare themselves for the first elimination, we take a look at those who were the first ones to be booted out from the Bigg Boss House over the last nine seasons

Bigg Boss 10 has started with a bang. But the journey for one of the fifteen contestants in the Bigg Boss House is set to end. The first nominations have taken place and four contestants are in the danger zone. 

Gaurav Chopra, Priyanka Jagga, Manu Punjabi and Mona Lisa have been nominated for eviction this week. Whoever the public votes for will join the list of shame, the first ones to be booted out of the Bigg Boss House. Here is the list

Season 1
Bobbly Darling and Salil in Bigg Boss.jpg
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Bobby Darling got evicted on Day 9 of the show. Salil Ankola couldn't take the stress of the show and quit on Day 8.

Season 2
Sanjay Nirupam and Jade Goody in Bigg Boss.jpg
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Sanjay Nirupam got evicted on Day 6 of the show. Jade Goody quit the show  on Day 2 itself after she was diagnosed with cancer.

Season 3
Jaya Sawant in Bigg Boss.jpg
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Jaya Sawant got evicted on Day 6 of the show.

Season 4
Devender and Abbas Kazmi in Bigg Boss 4.jpg
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Devender also known as Bunty quit the show on Day 2. Abbas Kazmi was the official first elimination of the season on Day 7.

Season 5
Nihita Biswas in Bigg Boss 5.jpg
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Nihita Biswas was the first to get eliminated from this season. She survived till Day 7.

Season 6
Kashif-Qureshi in Bigg Boss.jpg
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Kasif Qureshi was the first elimination this season. However, he lasted longer than the others for 13 days.

Season 7
Hazel Keech in Bigg Boss.jpg
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Hazel Keech was the first to get eliminated from the show. She survived 7 days.

Season 8
Sonali Raut in Bigg Boss .jpg
Image Source: photoselfi

Sonali Raut was eliminated by the contestants on Day 6, However, it was not her end on the show. She was brought back as a wild card entry and finally stayed on till Day 105.

Season 9
Ankit Gera in Bigg boss 9.jpg
Image Source: vanani

Ankit Gera stayed on the show for the first 6 days, and got eliminated the first.

Who will it be this season? Stay hooked on to for the answer.

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