Dhoni- The Untold Story Anniversary Special: 5 Reasons Why Sushant Singh Rajput Nailed His Dhoni Act

Sushant Singh Rajput managed to up his acting prowess while enacting MS Dhoni onscreen. On the movie's first anniversary, here are five points which exemplify that SSR was impeccable as Dhoni. Have a look...

Sushant Singh Rajput as Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been one of the most loved biopics of all times. The film didn't just go down well with the critics, but also did impressed the masses. On its first anniversary, Sushant went on social media to share his thoughts about the special occasion.

 Not just Sushant, even his co-star Kiara Advani also shared some memories from the shoots.

Commemorating this special anniversary, we go down memory lane and pen down five points which made where SSR nailed his Dhoni act.

- The VFX scenes where Sushant's face was fixed into Dhoni's real life matches were impeccable. Every twitch of an eyebrow by Dhoni in the real was matched to perfection by Sushant. 

sushant singh rajput as mahendra singh dhoni in ms dhoni the untold story

- The cricketing shots were sheer brilliance by Sushant. He practiced for over a year to make sure that the shots he played looked exactly like the shots Dhoni plays in real matches.

sushant singh rajput in m s dhoni the untold story

- The hairstyle of Dhoni was matched to perfection by SSR. Dhoni's hairstyle was a prime factor for his popularity in his initial days as a cricketer, and Sushant made sure that sort of aura was created even for his hairstyle right before the release of the movie.

sushant singh rajput and disha patani in ms dhoni the untold story

- Sushant's dialect was another huge plus point for  making his character memorable. You could not tell in even a single scene that Sushant wasn't someone born and brought up in the Eastern states. His accent was that accurate. 

sushant singh rajput in ms dhoni the untold story

- Lastly, managing the calmness of Dhoni was a big task for Sushant. SSR is generally known to be a bit of restless guy in real life. However while promoting Dhoni - The Untold Story, Sushant had this subtle and noticeable calmness around him throughout. Obviously, he had imbibed from the master cricketer himself. And not just in the promotions, even during the shoot of the film, Sushant was an epitome of calmness; the film's director Neeraj Pandey verified that point in many interviews he gave around the film. 

sushant singh rajput in m s dhoni the untold story

Now that we have given you a quick recap of Sushant's award winning performance in the Dhoni biopic, what are you waiting for? Grab a DVD and check out the film once again on its anniversary today. 

Image Source: youtube/foxstarhindi & sporting