Karan Wahi, Shashank Vyas, Kinshuk Mahajan Talk About Fan Frenzy

Time and again, we hear of stars getting into an altercation with fans when they get too close for comfort. TV celebs give their side of the story and tell us if fans’ demand to capture a moment with them or take an autograph is justified

In his interview with Neha Dhupia on the second season of #NoFilterNeha, Rishi Kapoor revealed that during his heydays, he was reluctant to give autographs and now, with the changing times, the senior actor refrains from clicking selfies with fans. He is averse to the idea.

What do our TV stars think? Do they think that fans have the right to go to any length in order to get a selfie or an autograph or they need to keep in mind the stars' perspective? Read on...

Karan Oberoi - 
karan oberoi

Actors sometimes tend to lose cool with fans when they get either get a little rowdy or infringe on their private space. It can also be maybe because they are having a bad day, just like any other human being. I have always had a wonderful experience with my fans and quite honestly, I enjoy the adulation and have never ever felt the need to be rude or abrasive towards a fan. I never want to take their love for me for granted, so even if I am having a bad day I can take control of myself and make them feel special for making me their priority. It never hurts to add value to someone's life. 

Sehban Azim -
sehban azim

It's never been the case that actors have issues clicking pictures with a fan or giving autographs. I'm sure all actors love it. In fact, who doesn't love a little attention? It's the same with the fans when they meet their favourite stars. They just want to get clicked with them, no matter what. Seeing their favourite actor is like a dream come true for them and they want to seize the moment with a picture or an autograph. Sometimes, it's just the situation that's not favourable which leads to such incidents. Either the actor is in a different frame of mind or maybe they've already gone through a long session of selfies or are running late for something. They can possibly be just too tired to even stand, it could be anything. On the other hand, sometimes fans also do not let go of their favourite stars and just want to make sure they have a picture with them, ignoring the situation. You can’t blame the fans too much as they feel they might not get this opportunity again. I would say that this is something that happens in the heat of the moment and nothing can really be done about it apart from having a basic understanding between fans and actors. Maybe a little more patience from the actor's side and a little more understanding to judge the situation from a fans’ perspective is required. I just try to keep as calm and patient as possible and be as polite as I can.

Shakti Arora -
shakti arora

Like every individual has moods, the same holds true for actors as well. Many times, you are not in a mood to get clicked and then there are times when they are completely okay. When I was in Singapore recently, a female fan literally pulled my shirt from behind and pulled me towards her for a photograph. I understood that she was a die- hard fan but I found it very rude. And I said no. Fans need to accept an actor’s privacy.

Shardul Pandit -
shardul pandit

I have never lost my cool with fans. I remember once we were shooting at Film City and a number of fans turned up. I took half an hour out of my schedule and clicked selfies with all of them. Honestly, I work for being adulated, so why would I have a problem? 

Karan Wahi -
karan wahi

Well, all of us love the adulation that our fans give us and this is what we work for. But at the end of the day, we are human beings too. We love the same things and we also get irritated. We also have days when we are not in the mood to interact yet it's expected out of us. I think some people don't understand that and push it. Especially when people pull us and become over familiar, that’s not fair. I think every actor goes through this and most of us at some time have lost it. 

Supriya Kumari - 
supriya kumari

It's great for an actor to have fans who shower so much love. But an actor also goes through his/her high and low moments in a day and during his low moments, one loses one’s cool, if one’s privacy is invaded. I think if fans seek permission before clicking away, we can avoid these situations.

Himmanshoo Malhotra -
himmanshoo malhotra

I understand the perspectives of both the artists here because at times people cross their limits. An artist craves for respect and dignity yet, at times, fans cross that by barging into your space, pulling you by your shirt, or holding your arm till you give them selfie, which is hurtful and disrespecting. They are actually looking for selfies so that they can post them on their social media platforms and increase their likes/followers and gain attention. Everything is okay as long as it's not forcing an artist.

Rishikesh Ingley -
rishikesh ingle

An actor cannot be ready for the paparazzi and fans 24/7. Sometimes he needs to have his own space as he is equally human. Giving selfies and autographs to fans can be fun as well, if done in the right manner.

Kinshuk Mahajan -
kinshuk mahajan

There are two sides of the coin. Sometimes when we are shooting, we have to be in our character and that time people should understand, if we say no. I totally agree to that but there have to be ways to address this. I love to click selfies and feel happy when people come to click pictures with me, but sometimes when we are occupied with something, it's difficult for us, which people should understand.

Shashank Vyas –
shashank vyas

It all depends how fans approach the stars. We are public figures not public property. Being humble and welcoming fans is part of our profession. But I have seen people grabbing us for clicks, which is not acceptable. Adulation is one thing and behaving within limits is another. We surely love our fans. 

Laksh –
laksh lalwani

I love my fans and love spending time with them. But there are days when I just feel like being alone. On such days, I would also get angry if I am forced for a selfie.

Rohit Bhardwaj - 
rohit bhardwaj

Our fans make us who we are. I think we owe everything to them. It is important to understand that they want a selfie and an autograph because of their love for us. Once we understand that, we will never feel tired or irritated by their constant requests.