Milind Soman OPENS UP About Girlfriend Ankita Konwar

There have been speculations about Milind Soman’s relationship. We bring to you a disclosure where the man himself sufficiently endorses that he isn’t single anymore. Throwing caution to the wind, the handsome hunk all but admits that he is in a deep, steady relationship with Ankita Konwar

Milind Soman has been posting one picture after another on social media with his 23-year old girlfriend, Ankita Konwar. Despite social media users asking him to take it slow, it seems the man firmly believes in the age-old saying ‘Pictures Don’t Lie’.

Here are the illustrations...

They have even shared videos of their common love - working out.

Milind and Ankita even shared pics where they were seen meeting the parents.

ankita konwar milind soman 1

Ankita Konwar & Milind Soman Meeting Parents

ankita konwar milind soman 2

Ankita Konwar Meets Parents

Milind broke a gazillion hearts when reports of him dating Ankita, who is an air hostess by profession, surfaced. A 52-year-old Milind falling for a girl half his age grabbed many eyeballs and it has been a hot topic of discussion ever since.

Milind and Ankita have been in a relationship since October 2016. Their lovey-dovey pictures would make you want to believe that fairytales do exist! 

Image Source: instagram/milindsomanrunning