STEAMY HOT: Priyanka Chopra’s 10 BOLD Appearances Which Makes This ‘Desi Girl’ Not So ‘Desi’!!

While we know her choices in terms of work are quite bold, even her appearances at times are beyond your imagination. BUT this diva carries them off with poise, elegance and class. Here are 10 of her BOLDEST moves which sets her apart...

Priyanka Chopra finds one of the top slots in my most liked celeb’s list! She has the oomph, she has the style and charisma to carry anything. From sexy cut blouses, to fully clad Salwar Kameez and then ‘attention grabbing’ bikinis, this Desi girl can rock all of these appearances.

Over the years, Priyanka Chopra has posed for many magazine covers, appeared at many events, shot for thousand over scenes, some of them have grabbed eye balls a little more than the usual.

Be it the transparent skirt which she wore at the launch of her first international single ‘In My City’, or her white bra under black dress wardrobe malfunction (was it one?), her bikini line in that beige one piece or the recent Quan2co scene where she bared it all in just lingerie, Priyanka has graciously walked all along with them.

The idea of this article is not to bring out her sex appeal because that reflects even when she ‘JUST TALKS’. The article is to show how one can don these DANGEROUSLY SEXY attires and yet look CLASSY!

Here are 10 such appearances of Priyanka Chopra which will set the mercury rising bloody HIGH! Take a look:

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So, all you starlets around who believe that wearing a bikini and showing your cleavage and bikini line can make you look SEXY and desirable...take some lessons from Priyanka Chopra who shows it all, without showing anything (Ok, in some cases she does, but in the most aesthetic way).

Thumbnail Image Source: indya101, twitter/priyankacopra  & fropky