The Dark Past Of Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Swami Omji

Swami Omji didn’t waste any time in small talk as he entered the Bigg Boss House and got down to making controversial statements. It turns out that the godman has quite a history. We found out what the Swami was up to before he joined Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 10

Bigg Boss Season 10 has bought to our TV screens a host of colourful, controversial characters but Swami Omji has quickly become the most talked about contestant in the Bigg Boss House.  Check out some of his past antics:

1. That time when he slapped a woman on live telly 
Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Swami Omji Slaps A Woman On National Television.jpg
Image Source: youtube/allinterestingthings

It was back when Radhe Maa grabbed headlines everyday when Swami Omji, along with others occupied a panel on a leading news channel. However, when one of the panellist disagreed with Swami Omji, he snapped back with a retort that a woman who supposedly charged her father-in-law with sexual harassment and has been separated from her husband for three years had no right to comment on Radhe Maa. The woman, no longer able to contain her anger, slapped Swamli Omji , who promptly slapped her right back.

2.    That time when he threatened to kill Arvind Kejriwal
Swami Om Ji Threathens To Kill Arvind Kejriwal.jpg
Image Source:  oneindia & youtube/realnewsindia

It was during the Delhi Legislative Assembly 2015 that Swami Omji issued a casual death threat to Arvind Kejriwal. Remembering how Nathuram Godse assassinated Mahatma Gandhi for dividing the country, he and his party men will try to convince him or else, shoot him.

3.    That time when he issued Death Threat 2.0 
Swami Omji Giving Death Threats and Calling environmental activist, Vimlendu Jha Terrorist- CIA Agent and Anti National.jpg
Image Source: youtube/TheQuint

The soft spoken Swami has a penchant for death threats we see. When environmental activist, Vimlendu Jha filed a petition against the World Culture Festival and was giving a video interview about the same, Swami Omji promptly interrupted him and tagged him anti-national, CIA agent and a terrorist. And yes, since what he is doing is against the religion, there will be people to ‘handle him’.

4. The time when planned to kidnap Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Aamir Khan
Swami Omji Thratened To Kidnap Shahrukh Khan-Saif Ali Khan- and Aamir Khan .jpg
Image Source: Manav Manglani & ravepad

Why, you ask? Well apparently because they dared to fall in love and then marry Hindu girls. The only way they could be pardoned from the mighty sin would be if they convert to Hinduism as well. The deadline for conversion was Valentines Day 2016, post which the stars were supposed to be abducted. Dream On Swami Omji, dream on!

5. That time when he wanted to slap Rahul Gandhi  
Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Sawmi Omji Wanted To Slap Rahul Gandhi.jpg
Image Source:scroll & redscoverofindia

It was during the #justiceforrohith march, where thousands of students participated to honour the memory of Dalit student Rohith Vemula. While politicians like Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi flocked in to get their two bits of publicity, we had Swamiji outside the venue fighting with the security to get in. Why you ask? Well because he wanted to slap Rahul Gandhi!

With a habit to generously intimidate people with threats of slaps, murder or kidnapping, we wonder what his plans are inside the Bigg Boss 10 house!

Thumbnail Image Source: realnews