DIWALI SPECIAL: This Is How Television Stars - Amal, Amruta, Himmanshoo, Jasmin - Beat The Diwali Bloat

Like us even small screen stars like Amal Sehrawat, Amruta Khanvilkar, Himmanshoo Malhotra, Jasmin Bhasin and many more regret that extra laddoo they ate during Diwali. Here are the exercise regimes they follow do drop the Diwali weight

Even calorie-counting gym freaks treat the festive season as cheat days and it is no wonder that Diwali is usually followed by a rise in the numbers on the weighing machine. Even our svelte TV celebrities tend to fall prey to the post-Diwali bloat after the spate of parties and dinners over the Diwali festivities. But they have a lot of tricks up their sleeve to bounce back into shape. SpotboyE.com gets you all the details from Ssharad Malhotra, Amruta Khanvilkar, Krip Suri, Tina Dutta and many others on how they keep fit during Diwali. 

Himmanshoo Malhotra
Himmanshoo Malhotra working out.jpg
Image Source: instagram/himmanshoo

When did you start working out:
  February 2015
Exercise regime: I alternate between Pilates and Crossfit over six days a week 
How many hours in gym: An hour everyday
Diet: I eat clean. The  normal diet consists of EGG-whites/ paneer/ dal/ salads/ coconut / rotis / protein shakes which are a must/ walnuts / almonds / bananas / sauted veggies
Music you listen to while in the gym: Ganpati songs. I love songs from ABCD & ABCD 2. They have got superb tempo for my work out
Inspiration: Sushant (Singh Rajput) is a big inspiration. I have seen his work out regimes he keeps trying something different and athletic.
Diwali health tip: Don't get obsessed with working out and nutrition and do not attempt anything artificial to lose weight.

Jasmin Bhasin
Jasmin Bhasin Hot body.jpg
Image Source: instagram/jasminbhasin2806

When did you start workin
g out:  I started 3 months ago
Exercise regime: Weight training and functional training at least 3 days a week
How many hours do you spend in the gym: 45 mins
Diet:  I don't follow any diet, I believe in eating everything.
Music you listen to while in gym: Bollywood Item numbers
Inspiration: Victoria's Secret models
Diwali health tip: Detox once a week and if not working out at least do some kind of cardio every day.

Amruta Khanvilkar
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Image Source: instagram/miamruta

When did you start working out:
It's been 10 years 
Exercise regime: Weight training, crossfit and yoga
How many hours do you spend in the gym: One and a half hours daily
Fitness Inspiration: Deepika Padukone
Diwali health tip: Stay happy this Diwali and work your butt off afterwards

Saurabh Pandey
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Image Source: instagram/aslipandey

When did you start gymming:
At the age for 16
Workout regime: I start with a 15 minute warm up. Then each day I target 2 body parts for weight training. Later 20 Surya Namaskara and I end the session with stretching.
How many hours do you spend in the gym:  One and a half hours to two hours. If I am short on time, I do an intense workout, 30 minutes without any breaks.  
Diet: I just make sure I don't consume unwanted fat or oily items and I eat in moderation.
Music you listen to while in the gym: Anything which inspires me, English, Hindi, Bhajans etc.
Inspiration: Lord Shiva
Diwali health tip: Drink 2 cups of green tea half an hour after a large meal. Also eat to live, don't live to eat.

Poonam Preet
Poonam Preet hot.jpg
Image Source: tvtalks

When did you start gymming:
When I was 18 years old.
Workout regime:  I do a combination of cardio, functional training and yoga.
How many hours do you spend in the gym: 1-2 hours depending on my shoot schedule.
What diet do you follow: I start my day with herbal tea. I eat a low-carb, high protein diet which includes oatmeal, papaya, salads, chicken breast and pulses. I eat every 3 hours but in small portions. I have eliminated all the junk and unhealthy food from my diet but I have also reserved one day in a week to satisfy my taste buds by indulging in my favourite Punjabi cuisine and ice-creams.
Music you listen to while in gym: I listen to rock and hip hop music during my workouts.
Inspiration: Deepika Padukone
Diwali health tip: Exercise, Eat Right, Sleep Well, Work Hard. REPEAT.

Mreenal Deshraj
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Image Source: instagram/mreenal

When did you start gymming:
I started working out in college
Workout regime:  Depends on my mood. If I have indulged in unhealthy food, I do double cardio otherwise cardio and weight training ever yday. Running, usually 3 times a week
How many hours do you spend in the gym: Gym is my favourite place so if possible 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. I can go on and on.
Diet: For the past four months, I have been following a protein diet. No carbs and no sugar.
Music you listen to while in the gym: Peppy songs, house music, EDM. Anything which gives me energy me rock the floor so that I can do kickass workout.
Inspiration: Unhealthy people inspire me to be fit and whenever I see people who are fitter than me, that inspire me to too.
Diwali health tip: Always remember, the body is your temple, go and worship it every day. No pain no gain.

Amal Sehrawat
Amal Sehrawat hot body.jpg
Image Source: urbanasian

Workout regime:
I mix functional and strength training to keep my endurance and power at peak level. But I have break days. Also when the weather is good, I cut down on gymming and go for walks instead.
How many hours do you spend in the gym: The number one rule is to never overdo it. I work out for one and a half hours.
What diet do you follow: I believe in being disciplined, rather than being strict. I eat everything in moderation. I don't avoid sweets. Also I am very desi in my food habits so I eat a lot of roti, sabzi, chicken, daal etc.
Gym Playlist: My phone is full of peppy numbers but with minimum or almost no lyrics. I listen to Punjabi, Hindi, English and Spanish songs. Lyrics are distracting but beats help you stay in a particular moment.
Inspiration: I see the inspiration in my own mirror. The closer I get to my goals, the more inspired I become.
Diwali health tip: Be happy and positive. Remember when the top floor leaks, the whole building gets messed up.

Ssharaad Malhotra
Ssharaad Malhotra hot.jpg
Image Source: imgrum

When did you start gymming:
I started some five years ago and I have been weight training for the past two years.
Workout regime: Cardio, lot of running, stretching, squats, push-ups. I think the core needs to be strong with weight training, kick-boxing, martial arts it's a mix of everything.
How many hours in the gym: One and a half hour in the evening post pack up.
Diet Plan: I try drinking a lot of water, Try and have about 4 to 5 meals a day. I eat breakfast like a king because it's very important. My breakfast includes fruits, cereals, eggs, muesli, brown bread. I also try and have a lot of Idli. It's just a mix of everything. Post breakfast I eat an apple and for lunch I have two chappatis, dal, curd. I drink masala tea with biscuits in the evening. Before dinner I have something like slice of toast or some diet snack and dinner is usually salad or soup.
Gym Playlist: I am not too finicky about the kind of music I listen to but it has to be peppy. It could be regular commercial music, something fast, something upbeat. So it could be techno, trance or psychedelic, it could be some really nice, fast number where you feel like moving and jumping.
Diwali health tip: It's very important to think healthy. If you keep your mind clean, your body's going to be clean and your thoughts are going to be clean. Drink as much as water as you can, it gets all the toxins out.

Laksh Lalwani
Laksh Lalwani hot body.jpg
Image Source: tvtalks

When did you start gymming:
 At the age of 16
Workout regime: My routine is divided into two parts. The first where it's all about lifting and building up strength. The second which is all about martial arts and wrestling plus circuit training and core workouts.
How many hours do you spend in the gym: Four to five hours a day
Diet:  I prefer a low-carb diet.
Gym Playlist: Hip Hop and Rock while lifting and no music while martial arts .
Inspiration: Mohammed Ali
Diwali health tip: Eat healthy and make sure to include some physical activity or sport in your daily routine

Krrip Kapur Suri
Krrip Kapur Suri hot body.jpg
Image Source: instagram/kripsuri

Name of gym:
Trainer: Jayendra
When did you start gymming:  7 to 8 years ago
Workout regime:  An hour with 30 minutes of running and 30 minutes of cardio
How many hours in the gym: 1 and a half hour
What diet do you follow:  I consume a lot of proteins. I am vegetarian and so my diet includes all my vegetarian and fruit juices.Music you listen to while in gym: I listen to music which boosts you up, like rock music.
Inspiration:  Anyone and everyone who is working hard to build a good body.
One tip to stay healthy: Be positive and think nice.

Tina Dutta
Tina Dutta hot figure.jpg
Image Source: twitter/tinaduttatina

When did you start gymming: 
A year back. 
Workout regime:  I do bit of power yoga in the morning and sometimes I go for a swim. Otherwise my trainer trains me in the gym.
How many hours in gym: 1 and a half hour to 2 hours.
What diet do you follow:  As soon as I wake up I need to have a cup of green tea. My breakfast comprises of bread, omelette and sprouts. I usually have my lunch at 1.30 and in the evening I have a glass of juice followed by green tea. In the night I have a bowl of juice and then I crash.
Gym Playlist: I listen to all kinds of Bollywood music but I don’t like hip-hop or party songs. I like soothing numbers.
Inspiration: Mrunal Jain.
Diwali health tip: You need to have a healthy mind. If you are thinking healthy, you tend to stay fit. Eating on time is very important.

Thumbnail Image Source:  urbanasian, instagram/jasminbhasin2806 & instagram/jasminbhasin2806