WATCH: 10 Bollywood Sex Scenes Where They Didn't Know How To Do It!

We wish the censors had wielded their scissors on these cringe-worthy bedroom moments. And we have a bunch of repeat offenders in there too...

After decades of shy flowers and sudden fades, Bollywood finally moved beyond chaste kisses. (Watch Bollywood's 10 Boldest Sex Scenes, 5 Dec 2015).But there are bold sex scenes and then there are the ones which take an intimate moment and turn it into a nauseating scene.

For example, the scene where Paoli Dam is in a cowgirl position and she makes her victim (she’s on a revenge trail) so lost in the fun that he has no idea that she’s transferring confidential data from his phone to hers – Really? And then there is an image of Navin Nischol licking Rekha‘s toes which I am sure, will always haunt you! It is also very depressing to see Om Puri claw Mallika Sherawat the way he did in Dirty Politics.

We wish the scenes were deleted!

Check out the compilation:

Mallika & Om Puri (Dirty Politics)

om puri and malika sex romance scene from the movie

Rajesh Khanna & Laila Khan (Waffa)

Tabu (Hawaa)

Rekha and Navin (Aastha)

Rekha and Akshay Kumar (Khiladi)

Mithun and Sushmita (Chingaari)

Paoli Dam (Hate story)

Neha Dhupia & Sanjay Kapur (Julie)

Kapil Sharma and Aryan Vaid (Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyu)

Manisha Koirala and Karan Nath (Tum)

karan nath manisha sex scene from the movie

While these intimate moments are supposed to turn on the excitement levels in a person, clearly these scenes have done the opposite! 

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