Adnan Sami Takes A Dig At Pakistanis; Calls Them 'Grammatically, Morally, Intellectually, & Historically Challenged'

Adnan Sami is again in the news but not for a good reason. Recently, a naysayer tried to troll the singer but Adnan gave a befitting reply and shut him up

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Adnan Sami Takes A Dig At Pakistanis; Calls Them 'Grammatically, Morally, Intellectually, & Historically Challenged'
No matter what and how Adnan Sami always gets into controversy. Sometimes he gets questioned on his loyalty towards the motherland, despite acquiring Indian citizenship long back while sometimes for him being a Pakistani singer. A while ago, a troller tried to pull him down and questioned him for his loyalty towards India, however, Sami slammed him and gave a befitting reply to them. Well, he faced a similar situation again and his response to the trollers is simply priceless.

Well, this all started when a social media user tweeted to Adnan saying that it's better to live in Pakistan than in India. His tweet read as, "Endia m rehna xiaDa bura h Pakistan m shukr hum yEh..." While Adnan replied by saying, "Ok. I just want you all to close your eyes and think just one thought... “Every single Pakistani’s grandparents or forefathers & foremothers were ALL INDIAN!” Have a nice day!"

Replying to another social media user, who asked as to why most Pakistani people call India "Endia" and Modi as "Moodi," Adnan said that because they are "grammatically, morally and intellectually challenged". While in another tweet, Adnan added, "And Historically challenged too!!" Check out the tweets below:

Earlier, Adnan Sami has questioned Muslim clerics’ stand that music is ‘haram’ in Islam. The singer sparked a debate on Twitter by posting a video which showed Saudi royals and American President Donald Trump taking part in a traditional dance performance.

A few months ago, Adnan Sami's Twitter account was also hacked, just like Amitabh Bachchan. The hacker changed the cover photo, profile picture, and bio of the Twitter account. Supposedly, in both cases, the tweets were pro-Pakistan, and the profile picture of the account was changed to that of the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. The account was also flooded with pro-Pakistan tweets, just like that of Big B.
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