Alia Bhatt REVEALS She And Ranbir Kapoor Discuss Only Raha During Their Special Nightly Moments

Alia Bhatt and husband Ranbir Kapoor only talk about their cute little daughter Raha whenever they get a free time, reveals the Raazi actress

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Alia Bhatt REVEALS She And Ranbir Kapoor Discuss Only Raha During Their Special Nightly Moments
Alia Bhatt's life underwent a complete transformation following the birth of her daughter, Raha Kapoor. Embracing motherhood has allowed Alia to perceive the world from a fresh perspective. This profound change inspired Alia to immerse herself in literature, leading her to author her first book, which she dedicated to Raha. The arrival of their daughter has significantly impacted both Alia and her husband, Ranbir Kapoor. In a recent interview with The Indian Express, Alia shared insights into her new life as a mother. She expressed how her thoughts are constantly occupied with her daughter, even during moments of intimacy with Ranbir. ALSO READ: Alia Bhatt’s Daughter Raha Kapoor Waves At A Pet Dog From Her Car; Video Of The Toddler’s Cute Interaction Goes VIRAL- Watch 

During the interview, Alia conveyed her excitement about watching Raha grow and develop her own personality. She revealed that every night, she and Ranbir share special moments discussing their daughter and reflecting on the highlights of their day. Alia was quoted saying, "Every night, whenever Ranbir and I have a moment, we are always just talking about Raha and what we felt was special during the day and discuss those moments." ALSO READ: Anant Ambani-Radhika Merchant Pre-Wedding Cruise: Alia Bhatt’s Daughter Raha Kapoor Enjoys Ice Cream As Mommy Carries Her- WATCH 

In another conversation, Alia was asked about her morning routine. She instantly responded that her mornings begin with Raha bursting into her room, waking both her and Ranbir. They start their day by looking at Raha’s face and giving her a big hug. Alia described, "Actually, now the process is that Raha comes and wakes us up. Our first reaction is to look at her face and give her a big hug. She literally walks into our room and wakes us up."

When asked about Ranbir’s transition into fatherhood, Alia expressed no surprise at his ability to be an excellent father. She always believed he would be wonderful in this role. Alia described the bond between Ranbir and Raha as one filled with joy and playful interactions. They share humorous conversations and enjoy each other's company immensely. Alia stated, "Nothing surprised me. And even if it was a surprise, it's not like I didn't expect it. I always inherently felt like he'd be a wonderful father. The bond that they share is so full of fun. They have so much fun together. They're always troubling each other. They pull each other's leg. They have the funniest conversations. They make each other laugh."

One aspect that did surprise Alia was Ranbir's attention to detail when dressing Raha. She mentioned that Ranbir takes the initiative to choose Raha’s outfits, often deciding what she should wear for specific events. Alia shared that she has entrusted the task of dressing Raha to Ranbir, who meticulously selects her wardrobe for the day.

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