Anubhav Sinha On News Around Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death, ‘Everyday Drama Is Disturbing’

While Anubhav Sinha continues to post cryptic tweets about nepotism in Bollywood, the filmmaker now says that 'everyday drama' around his death is very disturbing.

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Anubhav Sinha On News Around Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death, ‘Everyday Drama Is Disturbing’
Post Sushant Singh Rajput’s sad demise, Bollywood filmmakers like Anubhav Sinha, Hansal Mehta and Shekhar Kapur have opened up about favouritism and nepotism in Bollywood. Sushant died by suicide on June 14 and his funeral took place on the next day in Mumbai. While SSR’s drastic step left everyone in a state of deep shock and numbness, Anubhav Sinha has been taking a dig at Bollywood in his various tweets ever since. Now during the latest interview, Anubhav Sinha said that the everyday drama around his death is very disturbing.

Speaking to IANS, Anubhav Sinha said, “What is going on is ridiculous. I would allow that young boy to rest. He must have been really disturbed in his head, restless and not at peace at all. I think we should just let him be for some time. It's not easy to take your own life and especially when you're doing rather well. We need to keep quiet but a lot has been spoken about, and I suspect there is some politics that has gotten into it, and that's not good for anybody -- not for the boy at all." ALSO READ: Thappad Director Anubhav Sinha Hints At More Vile Stuff In Bollywood Than Just Nepotism In His Latest Tweet

He went to say that one should be sensitive and respectful towards his family. He further told IANS, “They need to think about him and his family. Every day there is some drama or the other, which is disturbing. I didn't know him, I never met him, but I am disturbed. He was just 34. I made my first film at 36 and he was younger than that. I personally think that this entire discussion is pretty agenda driven and that is the reason why I don't want to participate in it.”

Sinha further added that not only in Bollywood, there have been more powerful people than the rest in any era. So what is happening in Bollywood is not something new. “It is the order of the world that some people have more power than the rest -- which according to me is not fine but that is how the world is,’ said the filmmaker. He further added that most businesses are so ruthless. “It's about me having the larger market share, me having a better number of stock exchanges. Our business is such that it deals with human beings. So, every product is a human being, it could be a director, an actor, or a DOP.”

He concluded by saying that one should be kind to others. Sinha said, “While we are a business, we are very vulnerable human beings. We should be kind to each other and we should be mindful of each other, our insecurities and each other's happiness. There is a place for everyone to be happy.”

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