Arjun Kapoor And Bhumi Pednekar Urge Their Fans To ‘Save Water’ Amidst India's Ongoing Water Crisis

As India is going through acute water shortage, Bollywood celebs like Arjun Kapoor And Bhumi Pednekar are urging their fans to save water

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Arjun Kapoor And Bhumi Pednekar Urge Their Fans To ‘Save Water’ Amidst India's Ongoing Water Crisis

As Chennai struggles to find water, which affected more than 4.64 million people, it is now being reported that Delhi is also facing an acute problem of water shortage. Reportedly, many areas in Delhi have already become the victim of water crisis and the AAP government is coming out with ways to get rid of the water issue. If statistics are the be believed, published by NITI Ayog in 2018, then by 2020 20% underground water will dry up in India and by 2030 40% of India wont have drinking water. Alarming!

Keeping this in mind a lot for well known faces have come forward to urger their fans to save every drop. A while back, the Namaste England actor, Arjun Kapoor shared a picture of himself holding a glass of water. In a long post, he wrote, “For many years I thought the film waterworld was comprised of a silly notion that the world will go to war for water... I mean look around there is so much of it... In Mumbai, we have the sea, the rain, the continuous supply of it in our homes... but the reality is that we are fighting a race against time... clean sources are diminishing… we as humans love wasting water because we believe it’s non-perishable... this year Chennai faced a water supply crisis, Assam is flooded, our farmers since the last few years have been dealing with famine, the rains are late and inconsistent. So let’s enjoy what we have and maybe just also be aware, be careful, nurture and enjoy what we have with respect and care because god knows what the future has in store... cheers (literally) !!

Yesterday, a bikni clad Bhumi Pednekar too posted a picture and urged her fans to save water, “Imagine a world where you’re just chilling by a pool with No WATER...No summer water love, No popsicles to cool you down, No luxurious showers...No wine and dine to go through the hot summer. Yes you might think this is such first world problem Bhumi...but we, the urban classes are the biggest abusers of this start imagining a world without water and how it would affect your fav activities. So be responsible, save water and Just चिल्ल

Images Source: instagram/arjunkapoor,bhumipednekar