Arjun Rampal Birthday: 5 Times When The Actor Surprised Us With His Craft

As Arjun Rampal celebrates his birthday today, we list down 5 of his stellar performances which left us awestruck

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Arjun Rampal Birthday: 5 Times When The Actor Surprised Us With His Craft
One of Bollywood’s underrated actors Arjun Rampal has repeatedly surprised us with his scene-stealing performances. Here is my pick of Arjun’s best.

1. Moksha(2001): Arjun’s  debut film directed by his mentor cinematographer Ashok Mehta was a bit of a mess. What came across was an actor of arresting intensity who was willing to take career risks from the beginning. Arjun Rampal shone through the chaotic film as a lawyer who wants to work for and with the poor. Go back to this performance if you have forgotten how cogent a Rampal performance can be.

2. Om Shanti Om(2007): Playing a full-blown antagonist to Shah Rukh Khan, Arjun gave a knock-out performance as producer Mukesh Mehra who in a fit of rage kills his wife Deepika Padukone and is later snuffed out by her ghost. It is no secret that Arjun’s role was inspired by Pran in Madhumati. Suave villainy was in vogue.

3. Rock On(2008): In an ensemble cast of fair-to-fine actors, Arjun stood out as the band’s lead guitarist Joe Mascarenhas, torn and tormented, grappling with girlfriend problems, writing songs that no one would  probably hear and inventing new excuses for living a lie in the musical band that he called home. Brooding, intense and rebellious, Arjun won a richly deserved National award for this performance.

4. Rajneeti(2010): Without doubt, Arjun Rampal’s best to date. In a vast cast of stars of every gender and shape, Arjun stood out as a Sanjay Gandhi doppelganger. As a power-hungry empirical politician, there was something distinctly psychotic to the character. Arjun brought out the dark shades in the political figure without stumbling over the mounds of self conscious dynastic dynamics that director Prakash Jha had thrown in the way. Incidentally, Jha repeatedly tapped the best of Arjun in films like Chakravyuh and Satyagraha.

5. We Are Family(2010): Sandwiched between two overpowering actresses Kajol and Kareena Kapoor, Arjun played a man caught in an extremely poignant situation. He not only made the character empathetic and dignified but also made sure that he stood his ground in a film that clearly belonged to the ladies. Arjun loves the ladies. But he never lets them take over the show.       

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