Bengali Singer Rupankar Bagchi’s Comments On KK Hours Before His Death Enrages Fans, Say ‘He Cursed KK To Death’

Fans of KK have slammed Bengali singer Rupankar Bagchi for his comments over the late singer

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Bengali Singer Rupankar Bagchi’s Comments On KK Hours Before His Death Enrages Fans, Say ‘He Cursed KK To Death’
Bengali artist Rupankar Bagchi has spewed controversy on the internet with his recent remarks around KK. 

An enraging storm of hate and harsh comments brewed after Bagchi, in a Facebook live session held on Facebook - hours before KK’s death in Kolkata, questioned the frenzy around KK’s concert in Kolkata and said that singers from Kolkata can sing better than KK.

In the live video, he said that regional singers from Kolkata cannot imagine the amount KK earns. 

He said in Bengali, “I got to know through Facebook that the one and only KK was in Kolkata for a show and there has been a lot of excitement about it.” Comparing KK’s performance, he named Kolkata-based artistes and bands and added, “I have seen videos of mine, Anupam Roy, Somata, Emaan Chakraborty, Ujjaini Mukherjee, Cactus, Fossils, Rupam Islam and others. I think we all sing better than KK, why do you not get excited about us? What is the reason?”

He continued, “Who is KK? We are better than any K. All the singers I have mentioned are far far better than Mr KK.” He ended his live by questioning the audience’s ‘obsession with Bombay’ artists and urged viewers to explore regional stars in South, Punjab and Odisha among others. “Be a Bengali guys please,” he signed out.

Reacting to the Bengali artists post, fans of KK have been slamming him in the comments section. While some said that Rupankar cursed KK to death, artiste Tanmay Sadhak wrote, “100% you should have been jailed.” “You are jealous,” added another user.

Later, Rupankar said that his post has been misinterpreted by social media users. According to him, his post intended to question the lack of interest in Bengali music and culture, rather than focusing on KK.

KK, who was also known as Krishnakumar Kunnath, died hours after performing in Kolkata. He felt unwell after reaching his hotel. While he was taken to a hospital, he was pronounced dead upon arrival, reported Hindustan Times.

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