Bipasha Basu Recalls Karan Singh Grover's Leg Injury And Their Horrid Time In London- EXCLUSIVE

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover spoke to us exclusively. Amidst the conversation, the couple narrated the story of Karan's major accident on the sets because of which they were stuck in London for long

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Bipasha Basu Recalls Karan Singh Grover's Leg Injury And Their Horrid Time In London- EXCLUSIVE
Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover, who are currently being seen in web series Dangerous, had the most dangerous time on set too. Recently, in an exclusive conversation with us, where the couple shared their experience of shooting the series, Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover revealed how Karan met with a major accident during a fight sequence and they got stuck in London.

Bipasha told us exclusively, "The film has been the most dangerous for us because Karan had the worst experience on set while filming this in London. He broke his left leg completely and we had to hospitalise him immediately. I had to take a call for surgery because it has a titanium rod in his leg now from knee to the ankle. I had to take all the calls overnight. I didn't know a doctor or surgeon there. But it was an extremely scary time for us. Post his operation, we had to keep him in the hotel and I had to resume shooting for 2-3 days. After which the entire unit packed up and flew back to India- it was only Karan, my assistant Pasha and me who stayed back as he was not allowed to fly. So we were stuck in that hotel and we had to take him for his checkups. It was such a difficult time as he is such an active person who was suddenly bedridden. We were very scared at that time but this incident made him even stronger. We thought this would limit him but he actually does more with this leg. Not many people know about it but he can do everything, there is nothing which he can't do." 

To which Karan added, "But one more thing that nobody knows that I am very moody and sensitive. So, she used to entertain me every evening with a dance which was not like how sexy Bipasha Basu dances but it used to be a cute crazy girl dance." 

Bipasha further revealed the reason for her crazy dance and said, "I used to try and do anything to cheer him up. Our families were away. It was an extremely trying time for us and the most dangerous time. The way Karan adapted to it and came out of it, is inspirational for anybody. I am not saying this because he is my partner. He started his training immediately in like one week he wanted to be taken down to the hotel's gym and I didn't have the heart to say no but I used to always be a little bit scared as I used to feel that he is very low at that time. We took him down. He just climbed and started skinning the cat."

Image source: instagram/ iamksgofficial