Chandu Champion Star Kartik Aaryan Shares Emotional BTS Video: Some Characters You Play Touch Your Heart And Soul – WATCH

Kartik Aaryan of Chandu Champion recently shared an emotional BTS video from the movie, he said, "Some characters you play, change your life forever”

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Chandu Champion Star Kartik Aaryan Shares Emotional BTS Video: Some Characters You Play Touch Your Heart And Soul – WATCH
Jointly produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and directed by Kabir Khan, "Chandu Champion" has been winning hearts with its extraordinary story of Murlikant Petkar, a man who refused to surrender. With Kartik Aaryan playing the lead, he has truly immersed himself in the character, which has allowed the film to weave its magic at the box office. Amid its successful run in theaters, Kartik takes us into the world behind the scenes, with producer Sajid Nadiadwala and director Kabir Khan sharing their experiences.


Kartik Aaryan took to his social media and shared a BTS video of Chandu Champion which is indeed very emotional yet inspiring. The actor further jotted down the caption -  "Some characters you play touch your heart and soul and then change your life forever, For me it was playing the Champion Murlikant Petkar Ji And I couldn't have asked for a better taskmaster than @kabirkhankk sir who held my hand in this unforgettable journey #ChanduChampion in Theatres"

While speaking about the film, producer Sajid Nadiadwala said, "There are some films which you are desperately waiting, like the day you announce the film, you want the world to see the film." As he shared the video, Kartik Aaryan said, "It's a sort of unsung story and a story of a heroism about which somehow, nobody knew. Because this story is very inspiring and very moving. It's a story of human will power. So, it will inspire many people to achieve their dream and I am glad Chandu Champion happened." 

He further added, "It has a entire character graph from 16 to 17 years to the age of 70 years. Its was necessary to know how he is behaving at this time and specifically during the old age, how he is behaving at that time and on that, how, Kabir sir was directing. Second thing, we had workshops." "I think it started from there, when Kabir sir wanted an emotional sequence, specifically during the winning moment. It was indeed a crying moment for me and it got captured and it's a beautiful moment. That's the day, when he actually saw the emotional side of me as an actor." Kartik concluded.

Director Kabir Khan further said, "From my interaction with him and few films that I had seen of him, I knew he would able to pull it off."  He added, "As a director,  what we look at is basically, can I push him or her into a certain zone for my character, I got it from Kartik." "He is famous for his comic timing, he is famous for his light hearted romantic films and all that but here was a film which is completely different from anything what he had ever done and that's were the challenge and that's where the thrill comes. To push him and certain sense of reinventing and present a very well known star in a completely different light. When you don't expect this person to be doing this, but they deliver that, I think Kartik has done exactly that." He added. 

Jointly Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Directed by Kabir Khan, Chandu Champion was released on June 14, 2024. Directed by Kabir Khan, it is poised to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of audiences worldwide.

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