Coronavirus Lockdown: Sameera Reddy Cries As She Talks About Her Kids’ Condition, ‘Frustrating They Have To See This’

Watch! Sameera Reddy breaks down as she talks about how her kids are having a tough time amid the coronavirus quarantine

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Coronavirus Lockdown: Sameera Reddy Cries As She Talks About Her Kids’ Condition, ‘Frustrating They Have To See This’
It’s a rough phase for all of us as we battle the deadly coronavirus by being locked up inside our houses for three weeks. Well, the ones who are suffering the most amid the lockdown are kids, as most of them are too young and naive to figure what’s really happening. It also is a huge task for all the parents to tackle with the same. Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy, who’s a mom to two kids, recently opened up on their condition during such a crucial health crisis and broke down in the process.

The actress said, “The most important thing I can tell you right now, the mental health of children is definitely not in the best space right now. And every child who is stuck in a lockdown is wondering deep down ‘what the hell is going on’. I was talking to Hans two weeks ago because I knew this was coming and the stuff he told me, I realised maybe we are watching too much news around him. Imagine if we have so much anxiety, how much anxiety do kids have? Akshay and me are talking among ourselves, preparing ourselves for this but we didn’t realise that this little boy,” and she broke into tears.

She further asked, “He is....It is so frustrating, it is just frustrating that kids have to see this. You want to make them feel safe; you want to make them feel loved. So what can we do? What can we mommies do?”

Check out the video below:

Sameera went onto share some important tips for all the mothers who are having a tough time in seeing their kids in concern and anxiety. She added, “I have put signs of deep anxiety in children on this post. Please look at it. Even if your kid is bit short right now and impatient and cannot handle this, talk and just be there for them. Make them feel safe, just be honest. Give things to do but a routine is just not going to do it. It’s gonna cut it if you are actually there for them. This is a time for that, this is a time for that.”

A sensible approach indeed! 

image source: instagram/reddysameera