Did Sonakshi Sinha Get Trolled By DD National After Ramayan's Latest Episode? Twitterati Thinks So

DD National put out a poll on social media after the latest Ramayan episode. They asked the same question Sonakshi Sinha was asked on KBC. Now, Twitterati is amused if DD attempted to troll the actress

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Did Sonakshi Sinha Get Trolled By DD National After Ramayan's Latest Episode? Twitterati Thinks So
The shows Ramayan and Mahabharat re-running on National TV once again to keep the audience entertained while at home in quarantine has been the best so far with the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The show has managed to garner a good fan base since its re-run and has been faring well on the TRP charts as well. As Ramayan has been keeping the audience entertained, the Twitterati felt Doordarshan trolled Sonakshi Sinha with its poll asking a question associated with the actor.

About a few months ago, actress Sonakshi Sinha was trolled for not knowing an answer related to Ramayan. The actress was then asked the question, “According to Ramayana, Hanuman fetched the Sanjeevani buti (herb) for whom?" by Amitabh Bachchan on KBC and the options were Sugriv, Lakshman, Sita, and Rama. As Sonakshi was clueless about the answer, that was Lakshman, the actress then went on to take a lifeline.

Now, as DD National has been coming up with polls on Twitter after every episode, the question asked to Sonakshi Sinha on KBC was asked once again to all the fans with similar options. While a similar question was asked, many fans couldn’t help but miss out that DD National might be indirectly trolling Sonakshi. On Twitter, one fan commented, “Troll level: DD National Sonakshi Sinha,” talking about the actress being trolled by the channel, while another tweeted in her favour saying, “Sonakshi Sinha shouldn't feel left out as there are more people like her ye 2 percent wale who voted for sugriv and satrughana.#SonakshiSinha.” Check out the tweets below:

Meanwhile, apart from fans once again making Sonakshi’s lack of knowledge a big thing with trending memes etc, Shaktiman actor Mukesh Khanna also recently mentioned in an interview that the re-runs of Ramayan and Mahabharat could help people like Sonakshi Sinha. Also Read: Salman Khan And Sohail Khan's Son Record Video Amidst Lockdown; Superstar Says It's Not The Time For 'Jo Darr Gaya, So Mar Gaya' - WATCH

Image source: Instagram/ Sonakshi Sinha