DID YOU KNOW Kareena Kapoor Khan Was Told NOT To Marry Saif Ali Khan? Actress Reveals WHY- Read To Know BELOW

Kareena Kapoor reveals she was once told not to marry Saif Ali Khan as this would ruin her career, read to know below!

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DID YOU KNOW Kareena Kapoor Khan Was Told NOT To Marry Saif Ali Khan? Actress Reveals WHY- Read To Know BELOW
Bollywood power couple Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan's love story has been a subject of fascination for fans and the media alike. The duo tied the knot in 2012, marking a new chapter in their lives. Before Kareena, Saif was married to fellow actor Amrita Singh, with whom he shares two children, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan. ALSO READ: Kareena Kapoor Khan Reveals The BIG Reason Behind Marrying Saif Ali Khan - Read To Know! 

In a candid interview with Filmfare in 2020, Kareena opened up about her decision to marry Saif at the peak of her career. Despite concerns from people around her about the impact of marriage on her professional life, Kareena remained steadfast in her love for Saif. She quipped about the advice she received, saying, "Don’t marry, your career will be over." However, Kareena's unwavering love for Saif overshadowed any apprehensions about her career prospects. ALSO READ: WHAT! Saif Ali Khan’s Ex-Girlfriend ‘Freaked Out’ During His Photoshoot With Kareena Kapoor? Dabboo Ratnani Makes SHOCKING Revelations 

Kareena reflected on the early years of her marriage, emphasizing that she did not feel anxious or edgy. The couple had started living together before tying the knot, not as an experiment but due to their hectic shooting schedules. The transition to marriage felt natural for them, with Saif's proposal sealing the deal. Despite concerns about her career post-marriage, Kareena's love for Saif remained paramount, even if it meant potential repercussions in her professional life.

Saif Ali Khan, a doting father of four, shares a special bond with his children from his previous marriage as well as his two sons with Kareena. Sara and Ibrahim share a close relationship with their stepmother Kareena, creating a blended family dynamic filled with love and understanding. The arrival of Taimur Ali Khan and Jehangir Ali Khan further solidified the bond between Saif and Kareena, adding more joy to their lives.

The couple's journey is a testament to their unwavering love and commitment to each other, navigating the complexities of personal and professional life with grace and resilience. Despite the challenges they faced, Kareena and Saif's love story continues to inspire many, showcasing that true love knows no bounds and can conquer all obstacles.

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