DID YOU KNOW? Saif Ali Khan Has A Secret Instagram Account! Actor Says ‘I Keep Promising To Delete It’

Saif Ali Khan revealed that he uses a secret Instagram account and he likes the social media space, read to know below

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DID YOU KNOW? Saif Ali Khan Has A Secret Instagram Account! Actor Says ‘I Keep Promising To Delete It’
Have you ever wondered how Saif Ali Khan manages to keep up with day-to-day events despite not being active on social media? It turns out the actor has a secret way of staying connected. In a recent interview, Saif revealed that he maintains a secret Instagram account. He uses this account to browse through social media, staying updated on various happenings, even though he doesn't particularly enjoy it. Speaking with Hindustan Times, Saif shared, “I do have the Instagram app, and a secret account, too. I browse sometimes, but don’t enjoy it much. And every time I browse it for a little while, I keep promising to delete it and I end up not deleting it.” ALSO READ: DID YOU KNOW? Panchayat Actor Aasif Khan AKA Groom Of Phulera Washed Dishes At Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor’s Wedding Reception 

Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan has often spoken about his views on social media, expressing a rather detached stance on the subject. The 'Adipurush' actor clarified that his choice to stay off social media wasn't about rejecting the platform itself but rather a preference for maintaining his privacy and avoiding the pressures associated with it. He stated, “I don’t want to get stuck in a position where I have to post other people’s things. I really enjoy the fact that nobody is really interested in asking me to promote something because they know that I’m not on social media. So, I get a lot of peace and quiet." This peace and quiet are important to Saif, who values his ability to stay out of the constant spotlight that social media can create. ALSO READ: OMG! Saif Ali Khan REMOVES Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Tattoo? Actor Replaces Wife’s Name With A New Design- Check It Out! 

Saif further elaborated on how having a social media account does not necessarily mean one has to be active on it. He acknowledged the potential distractions, absorption, and addictive nature of these platforms. “It can be distracting and absorbing, and addictive as well,” he mentioned, emphasizing his cautious approach towards using social media.

Despite his generally reserved attitude towards social media, Saif appreciates the power it holds in today's world. He recognizes that social media provides a platform for expression and communication with a wide audience. This capability is something he respects, even if he chooses not to fully immerse himself in it. In a light-hearted moment, Saif hinted at the possibility of joining social media more openly in the future, saying, "I might join social media, who knows."

In summary, Saif Ali Khan's secret Instagram account allows him to stay informed without succumbing to the demands and distractions of social media. His approach reflects a desire to maintain a balance between staying connected and preserving his peace of mind. While he appreciates the influence of social media, he remains cautious about its potential to disrupt his life, preferring to enjoy the tranquillity that comes with his selective engagement.

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