DID YOU KNOW? Sonakshi Sinha's To-Be-Husband Zaheer Iqbal Has A Special Connection With Salman Khan, Here's What We Know!

Sonakshi Sinha is all set to marry beau Zaheer Iqbal and do you know he has a special connection with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan

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DID YOU KNOW? Sonakshi Sinha's To-Be-Husband Zaheer Iqbal Has A Special Connection With Salman Khan, Here's What We Know!
Sonakshi Sinha recently made a triumphant return to the spotlight with her stellar performance in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's critically acclaimed series, Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar. Portraying the character of 'Fareedan/Rehana', Sonakshi's role in the Netflix series has garnered widespread acclaim. Following the success of Heeramandi, she is now working on two horror films, Kakuda and Nikita Roy and The Book of Darkness, capturing audience attention once again. ALSO READ: Sonakshi Sinha-Zaheer Iqbal Wedding: Date, Venue Of The Rumoured Couple’s Special Day REVEALED- Read Below To Know MORE  

While Sonakshi's professional achievements are noteworthy, her personal life is also making headlines. She has been in a relationship with actor Zaheer Iqbal Ratansi, commonly known as Zaheer Iqbal, for several years. The couple's relationship gained significant media attention following a report by Hindustan Times in June 2024. According to the report, Sonakshi and Zaheer are planning to get married on June 23, 2024, at their family home in Juhu, Mumbai. The wedding is expected to be an intimate affair with only close friends and family in attendance. Despite the widespread speculation, neither Sonakshi nor Zaheer has publicly addressed the wedding rumours. However, Sonakshi's fans are ecstatic and eagerly awaiting more news. ALSO READ: Sonakshi Sinha-Zaheer Iqbal Are Now Certifed Divers; Here Are Some Stills of the Celebrity Couple Diving Into The Ocean – SEE PICS 

As interest in Sonakshi's relationship with Zaheer grew, many began searching for more information about him. Zaheer Iqbal was born on December 10, 1988, in Mumbai. His father, Iqbal Ratansi, is a well-known jeweler and builder. Iqbal Ratansi founded Stelmac Developers Private Limited in October 2005 and later joined Blackstone Housing and Infrastructure Limited, gaining substantial expertise in real estate. In 2016, he launched Films Tools Lights And Grip LLP, a company that produces lighting equipment for Bollywood. Over the years, Iqbal Ratansi has established himself as a recognized figure in the film industry, maintaining long-standing relationships with numerous prominent actors, producers, and directors.

Zaheer Iqbal also has a younger brother named Mohammad Ladha and an elder sister, Sanam Ratansi. Sanam Ratansi, who will soon be Sonakshi Sinha's sister-in-law, is a celebrated celebrity stylist in Bollywood. With a substantial following of 129K on Instagram, Sanam has styled some of the biggest names in the industry, solidifying her reputation as a top stylist.

As Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal prepare for their next chapter together, their journey has captivated fans and media alike. With their professional and personal lives intertwined with the Bollywood industry, the couple's upcoming nuptials and future endeavours are highly anticipated by fans and followers.

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