Dimple Kapadia's 10-Minute Role In Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Has Her Gushing-EXCLUSIVE

Post Christopher Nolan's Tenet, Dimple Kapadia is keen to do more work and is open to doing more film.

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Dimple Kapadia's 10-Minute Role In Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Has Her Gushing-EXCLUSIVE
She is seen in barely 10-15  minutes of  Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. And yet the very beautiful Dimple Kapadia claims it has changed her life. In an interview to PTI, Dimple claims, “I think doing Tenet has really changed my life. I was always a reluctant actor, I kept putting things off and not doing them. But  Tenet has changed that for me. I'm raring to go now. I want to do a lot of work now, good work."

That, coming from a reluctant actor who once had the world at her feet—the Bollywood world, that is—is priceless. At one time in her career Dimple was cast in powerful life-changing female-empowering transformative roles in films like Mahesh Bhatt’s Kaash, Kalpana Lajmi’s Rudaali, Gulzar’s Lekin and Govind Nihalani’s Drishti.

But Dimple’s mind was just not on her career. In an interview to me some years ago she had laughed off her lack of seriousness about her career saying, “There aren’t enough good scripts. Besides, I am lazy! There you finally got the honest truth out of me!  I honestly need good scripts and directors. I just hope it happens soon. There has to be something inviting or something fun for me to give so much time to. How many films have I done in the last ten years? Not more than six to seven, I am sure. Though I am not counting, Look, I know people like you say you miss me on screen. That's very kind. But I have my own life and very hectic and turbulent life. There are so many ups and downs.”

And now a brief ill-defined role in a Christopher  Nolan's mind-boggler where she’s completely miscast as an arms dealer has changed her attitude to her life and career?  Is this just one of her jokes? I know Dimple is capable of it. I know she has never taken herself or her stardom seriously. Is this just a promotional gambit for Tenet?

It’s sad that our actors, even the best of them, have their priorities so mixed up.  Even a fleeting incoherent part in a big international project is worth more than all the outstanding work the actor has done in her career.

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