Elli AvrRam Blasts: "How Can I Get Married To Hardik Pandya When Everything Is Over Between Us?"

RUBBISH! That's Elli AvRam's reaction to the news doing the rounds that she is tying the knot with Hardik Pandya. The actress is furious

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Elli AvrRam Blasts: "How Can I Get Married To Hardik Pandya When Everything Is Over Between Us?"
So, a website flashed a story this that Elli AvrRam is getting married to Hardik Pandya. This happened yesterday. Elli naturally got to know about it and she got extremely irritated. The irritation became anger when she got to know that some journalists had also started getting reactions from others in the industry on what they felt about Elli's marriage to Hardik.

The story in question was pulled down and eliminated from Google too but it still matters to those who get hurt. Elli, in this case. Phew, when will we journalists learn to confirm stories before we run them? Where are the ethics gone? Which drain have they fallen into? Coming from a time when every word written was sacred, I am ready to put my hand in any drain if I can pull out those ethics back.

Anyway, so Elli is enraged and rightly so. Talking EXCLUSIVELY to SpotboyE.com a few minutes ago, we got her entire clarification. We knew from our sources that her marriage story was wrong, but we started off by pulling her leg and said, "Congratulations, Elli". "Oh please, this is not funny. I am extremely hurt. This is really disgraceful," she began. (HEAR HER FULL CONVERSATION WITH US BELOW). And boy, Elli was really baffled that how a personal story could be put with the entire information being wrong.

"Look, whatever was between Hardik and I is long over. neither he nor I has confirmed what relationship we had. It's been almost a year now," she explained.

So, that's that! Elli AvrRam is NOT getting married to Hardik Pandya. "Yes, I am NOT getting married to Hardik Pandya," she reiterated.

Has Hardik called her and discussed the rubbish news that has been floating, err, now whispered? "Nope, he hasn't. We are not in touch."

Wrong pieces of news like these, like the Elli-Hardik marriage one, can send out wrong signals in the industry with regards to one's career.  "That's right. And I wish this finishes all the questions on Hardik addressed to me forever. I don't even want to be asked anything about him on red carpets," Elli signed off.

Image Source:- Wattpad/instagram/elliavrram/hardikpandya93