Guess What Is Salman Khan's One Wish For All The Star Kids Launched By Him?

In a recent interview, the Dabangg actor, Salman Khan has spoken about launching star kids and also what he wants them to do together

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Guess What Is Salman Khan's One Wish For All The Star Kids Launched By Him?
Salman Khan has discovered two new actors Zaheer Iqbal and Nutan’s granddaughter, Pranutan, who are set to make their debut with superstar’s production Notebook, this Friday. For the promotional interviews, Salman Khan has been accompanying Pranutan and Zaheer for a few days. During a recent interview, the Dabangg actor has spoken about launching star kids and his one wish for them.

While in a conversation with Bombay Times, the actor was asked that he largely makes an effort to launch kids mostly of actors and filmmakers, what other producers don’t want to take a chance with. In his reply, Salman said, “Yes, and I will continue to back more kids for as long as I can. Why? Because I was also launched at some point and I think the industry can do with some more fresh talent”

Salman also revealed that he is now focusing on grooming Shera's son, Tiger and his what he wants all the star kids, launched by him, to do together.  “While I’m still figuring what happens with Shera ka beta, Tiger, I actually want all these boys to work together in a super dhamaal film, the kind that I have done in my past.” Salman told the daily. 

Dabangg Khan further added, “I have seen a lot in my own life. So given my experience, I feel that if a boy or girl can make my head turn, he/she should be launched. That’s the first thing I go by, it is then followed by training which takes a lot of time and effort. Sooraj Pancholi had toiled for five years — he assisted on a few films and groomed himself in every department before we cast him in Hero. Similarly, Aayush (Sharma) worked very hard before we decided to launch him. (Smiling) Actually, Aayush ke saath ek aur chakkar hai. There was a romantic film that had come my way. I thought I had gone past that phase in life when I could do something like that on screen, so Sohail told me about a guy he had seen at the gym, who he felt was perfect for it. Two months later, Arpita brought a guy home and introduced him to us, saying she wants to marry him. He was not coming to the gym for some time, now I know why. Eventually, Aayush also assisted on Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Tubelight and Sultan — he travelled with me extensively. People liked his dancing skills in LoveYatri, but when we saw him dancing for the first time, we all were all like ‘Dance classes please…’ He practised dance, action and acting for hours every day. He worked out rigorously and his dedication was evident in the film. Likewise, Zaheer was also an assistant on Jai Ho, where he did everything — from giving claps before the scene to rehearsing with actors and running other errands. He also worked on his body and craft simultaneously.”

Talking about launching kids of his dear friends, he said, “It felt great that Aayush was accepted, although the film didn’t do as well as we would have liked it to. The thing is, these are the boys I see and meet. They work really hard to get a nod from me. They work on presenting themselves well and everything that goes with it, because it matters. And mind you, I have many friends, but that doesn’t mean I am launching everyone’s kids (smiles!). Shera’s (his bodyguard) son Tiger is being groomed right now and he’s already being considered by so many producers and directors. Shera feels I will be the best judge of a script for his son, so I am now sifting through scripts. I am yet to find something worthy.”

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