Kangana Ranaut - I Am Very Happy To Don Both The Roles Of Actor And Director For Manikarnika

Kangana Ranaut has spoken at length about her upcoming film, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. She’s on a high – and justifiable so

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Kangana Ranaut - I Am Very Happy To Don Both The Roles Of Actor And Director For Manikarnika
Versatile performer and quintessential fashionista Kangana Ranaut recently enjoyed Christmas Bash organized by ace fashion designer Neeta Lulla with her entire team of Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi in Mumbai. When Kangana was asked about the Christmas bash she answered, ‘’Ace designer Neeta Lulla has hosted this bash. It’s always great to be celebrating with the team. Everyone celebrates with family, but when you spend so much time with the team, then they also become a family. We have spent like more than two years together. It’s a very good moment for all of us as we have met today on Christmas and can enjoy sometime. Generally we all meet each other in so much stress that we really don’t get to enjoy in that capacity’’.

Kangana was also asked what she felt about the costumes in the movie as Manikarnika is a period war drama. She revealed, ‘’I don’t even remember giving any inputs for the costumes in the film. I was busy doing so many other things and when a department completely sort of gets owned with an artist like Neeta Lulla Ji. It is such a big relief for an actor and the director. I think it is most gratifying aspect that Neeta Ji has designed and created up to 200 costumes in a single night. I don’t know how she does it. Whatever feedback we are getting for the costumes that nothing is jarring as costumes are just period appropriate is very amazing to hear. Honestly that kind of a contribution is a very big thing as beautiful costumes can be made by anyone but keeping it period appropriate and infusing the character in it needs a different sort of sensibility and Neeta Mam is really good with that’’.

Ace fashion designer Neeta Lulla too was asked about her experience of working and collaborating with Kangana. To which she said, ‘’Kangana was an absolute inspiration for me to do this character. I don’t think anybody else would have been able to carry off such a huge responsibility of such a big personality from history. I think she herself is like Jhansi Ki Rani. I think that only once we had discussion about the costumes and that was when Kangana called me and asked that Neeta Ji what costumes are you making for Ankita since it’s her song. I was very surprised as in the entire film Kangana hasn’t discussed her looks with me, but when it came to Ankita she discussed the costumes with me’’.

When Kangana was asked about the technicians and other crew, she said, ‘’I think the technicians don’t get enough credit and as actors we should see that their remuneration and financial proportions is equal and currently it is very disproportionate especially the male actors who charge almost 60% of the budget for films and sometimes even 80%. Technicians don’t get enough respect like on film sets. There are two kinds of food that comes on the set, one for Unit A and one for Unit B which is a very absurd thing in itself as when everyone is working in same unit, then why two types of food comes. I think there should be some sort of insurance for people who are working right from 40 feet above on film sets each day and they don’t have any documents and insurance. So there are a lot of things that can be worked on and I hope in the future we would be working on it’’.

Talking about the amazing response to the Manikarnika Trailer, Kangana said, ‘’We are really very excited and just cannot wait to present the film to everyone in theatres on January 25th 2019”.

She even thanked the fans for love that they had been showering on her.

Talking about her forthcoming projects, Kangana said, ‘’Writers are really good and are supporting me. My next film is being written by Bahubali and Manikarnika writer Vijayendra Prasad and we are in talks about it. It is a love story but not with a human’’.

Well that sure sounds interesting!

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