I’ll Do It Even If It Requires 100 Takes: When Salman Khan Couldn’t Deliver a Dance Step Even After 15 Takes During Partner Shoot

Salman Khan is a dedicated artist when it comes to getting a scene done and choreographer Bosco Martis talks about a sequence with superstar during Partner shoot

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I’ll Do It Even If It Requires 100 Takes: When Salman Khan Couldn’t Deliver a Dance Step Even After 15 Takes During Partner Shoot
Choreographer Bosco Martis debunked the notion that Salman Khan is 'the opposite' of Shah Rukh Khan in terms of hard work and dedication. During an interview, Bosco was asked about actors who willingly follow choreographers' instructions and those who resist. Commending Shah Rukh and Saif Ali Khan for their willingness to adhere to directions, he addressed the misconception about Salman doing his own thing. ALSO READ: Ravi Kishan On Working With Salman Khan During Tere Naam; Actor Reveals, ‘Stay Away From Him On The Set, Give Him Space

In an interaction with Siddharth Kannan, Bosco recounted an incident during the filming of Partner where they did 27 takes for the song 'Maria Maria' in scorching heat in Abu Dhabi. Salman, determined to perfect a challenging move, insisted on continuing until it met the choreographer's satisfaction. Despite the demanding conditions, Salman conveyed his commitment by saying, "Till the time you don’t get, don’t say okay. I’ll do it even if it requires 100 takes." ALSO READ: Salman Khan Reaches Out To Meet His Little Fans At Mumbai Airport; Bollywood Superstar’s Heartfelt Gesture Is Winning The Internet – WATCH 

The ace choreographer highlighted the Wanted actor's awareness of the popularity of his dance steps, acknowledging that the audience celebrates him for his on-screen persona, including his iconic moves. Reflecting on the simplicity of choreography for 'You're My Love,' Bosco emphasized that Salman's walk, attitude, and swag became his distinctive style.

Addressing the query about Salman's tendency to alter fully choreographed steps at the last minute, potentially causing challenges for the dancers, Bosco acknowledged that it does happen occasionally. He clarified that this adjustment is usually prompted by the steps not suiting Salman's style, considering the various factors at play, such as tight schedules and time constraints. When asked to compare the dancing abilities of SRK and Salman, Bosco diplomatically opted to praise their 'distinct' styles, stating that they are both exceptional dancers and shouldn't be compared.

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