Isha Koppikar Recalls SHOCKING Incident When an A-List Actor Asked Her To Meet Him Alone!

Isha Koppikar was asked whether she ever faced casting couch incidents to which she revealed once an A-list actor asked to meet her alone

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Isha Koppikar Recalls SHOCKING Incident When an A-List Actor Asked Her To Meet Him Alone!
Isha Koppikar, who made her Bollywood debut with the film "Fiza" after a successful stint in South Indian cinema, has recently opened up about a distressing casting couch experience she endured at the age of 18. Known for her roles in movies like "Darna Mana Hai," "Pinjar," "LOC Kargil," "Krishna Cottage," and "Don," as well as her iconic dance numbers "Ishq Samundar" from "Kaante" and "Khallas" from "Company," Isha's revelations shed light on the darker side of the film industry.

In an emotional interview with Siddharth Kannan, Isha recounted her early struggles in Bollywood. She explained how the casting couch culture was prevalent, stating, "It was never about what you can do. Heroes and actors used to decide. You have heard about #MeToo, and if you had values, it was very difficult. Many actresses left the industry during my time. Either the girls gave in or they gave up. There are very few who are still in the industry and haven’t given up, and I am one of them."

Isha recalled being approached by a secretary and an actor when she was just 18, who suggested she needed to be "friendly" with actors to get work. She naively questioned what "friendly" meant, emphasizing her natural amiability. She shared an anecdote about how Ekta Kapoor once advised her to adopt some attitude, highlighting her genuine, friendly nature.

Isha also recounted an unsettling incident involving an A-list actor when she was 23. The actor asked her to meet him alone, without her driver or any company, under the pretext of avoiding rumors due to his controversial relationships with other actresses. Despite the pressure, Isha stood her ground and refused to meet him alone, showing her resilience and integrity.

Additionally, Isha opened up about being inappropriately touched by secretaries of actors and directors. She described how these individuals would not only touch her inappropriately but also make suggestive comments, saying things like, "Heroes ke sath bahut dosti karni padegi (You will have to be very friendly with the actors)," in a sleazy manner. These experiences were not isolated incidents but part of a pervasive culture that many actresses had to navigate.

Isha's courage in sharing her experiences highlights the challenges many women face in the entertainment industry. Her story is a testament to her strength and perseverance in the face of adversity. Despite the pressures and inappropriate advances, Isha has maintained her dignity and continued her career on her terms, setting an example for others in the industry.

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