Kajol Limps, But Still Does It For Ajay!

Here's the latest update from the world of Bollywood. We bet you wouldn't want to miss this. Read on for details... Kajol Limps, But Still Does It For Ajay!

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Kajol Limps, But Still Does It For Ajay!

Ajay Devgn must be thanking his stars for being blessed with a terrific wife like Kajol and an even more terrific mother-in-law like Tanuja. The mother-daughter duo, currently undergoing medication for their respective medical conditions, stepped out in style to promote Ajay’s first Marathi production, Witty Dandu, which has been lauded by both the critics and the audience in Maharashtra.

While Tanuja was at the dentists clinic most of the day, getting two of her teeth uprooted, Kajol was nursing her fractured leg at home. On Wednesday evening, Kajol limped her way to Sun n' Sand with the plaster on her right leg. She walked into the hall with the support of a walker, she didnt ask for any help to move around all evening. 

Tanuja, on the other hand, found it difficult to talk for too long after three interviews as her gums had begun to ache. She made an early exit.  Kajol, however, hung around the whole evening, chatting away in a Marathi, mixed with Hindi and English. She even placed her leg on a table for most of the interviews, so that the pain subsides. 

An onlooker from the hotel filled in on the details, saying, "Towards the end of the day, Kajol fixed an appointment with her doctor Rashi Shah for Thursday (today) at 1 pm. She looked visibly tired and in pain, but was extremely sporty about the entire promotions. Since Ajay is busy with Action Jackson promotions, Kajol and her Maharashtrian mother Tanuja stepped in and gave lengthy interviews in Marathi. Tanuja spoke like a pro, while Kajol picked up her Marathi on the go.”

After a four-hour-plus drill, the actress was wheeled out into her car at the hotel.