Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pout Is Giving Sister Karisma A Hard Time!

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s famous pout is every pouter’s dream. But Karisma Kapoor is facing issues because of her “behen” Bebo’s favourite picture pose

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Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pout Is Giving Sister Karisma A Hard Time!
It won’t be wrong to say that Kareena Kapoor Khan started the trend of pouting like no one’s business in the glamour world. The actress has mastered the act of the correct pouts which make her selfies, pictures look oh-so-sexy. While many of you may admire her pouting skills, but behen Karisma Kapoor is having a hard time on social media because of it. Wondering why?

Well, Karisma Kapoor appeared on Kareena’s radio chat show, What Women Want, recently and it’s here when Lolo revealed this fun fact. When Kareena asked her sister what does she get trolled for? Guess what Karisma said? Check out the video below:

Lolo replied, “Apne behen ko kaho itna pout na karein” Cutting to which Bebo replied, “My pout s like the #pout” Karisma further added, “It's a mixed bag and it's really funny. Then maybe like, if I've not posted a picture in a long time with you or the family, there's so many of your fans, who are like "Please ma'am, can you put a picture?' So I think it's a wonderful relationship also.”

Can you believe that? While it’s quite hilarious, it’s also a sweet moment between the sisters. Kareena Kapoor’s show, What Women Want, sees her friends and family members coming over for a candid chat, on issues revolving around women. 

This week sees sister Karisma sitting with Bebo for a frank conversation. Kareena also asks Karisma about actresses making a comeback, to which Lolo replied, “When women return to offices after maternity leaves, do we say they’re making a comeback?” Well, the chat was surely a candid one but we loved how elder sister Karisma teased Bebo about her pout! 

Image Source: IndiaToday,desimartini