Koffee With Karan 6: Hardik Pandya's Father Must Apologise Too, His Support For Son Was Creepier

Hardik Pandya's father has defended his son's outlandish misogynistic remarks and deserves equal condemnation if not more

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Koffee With Karan 6: Hardik Pandya's Father Must Apologise Too, His Support For Son Was Creepier
This is what happens when you take a few wickets and score a few runs on the field and this country quickly compares you to Kapil Dev. This is what happens when you are picked in the side at times when you should be sitting out, observing and maturing. This is what happens when you get a few ads and everyone recognises you. Your dad also gets carried away in your 'I am God's gift to mankind/cricket' attitude. You get 'hitwicket' (of not a no-ball)and he says 'not out'! 

How else does one explain Hardik's disdainful comments on the opposite sex on Koffee With Karan 6 and worse still, his dad Mr Himanshu Pandya covering up his darling son saying, 'It was all done to entertain the audience of an entertainment show'. Wow, are the days of Sunny Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar really over when cricketers were idolised? We are sure Mr Himanshu was growing up during their days only. 

My sincere request to youth: Don't idolise Hardik unless and until his father renders an apology. Hum pehle us maafi ka hardik abhinandan karenge aur baad mein sochenge if these maafis have come from within.

I really don't want to rewrite Hardik's comments as they make me cringe, cringe and only cringe. But with regret, I reproduce the chat (click here) to 'highlight' this 'entertaining' cricketer for Mr Himanshu because we are sure he is reading this. Bhaiyyo aur behno, if you represent your country at international level in any sport, please consider it to be entertainment, err, beg your pardon, never consider it to be entertainment.

In fact, both Senior and Junior Pandya should have issued a joint apology, or if better late than never,  Mr Himanshu should pronto pen down an individual one. But will that realisation dawn upon him?

We would certainly like to know if Hardik has taken his place in the Indian cricket team for granted. But so what even if he has or is indeed irreplacable in the eyes of BCCI by whatever merit he has shown so far? Mr Himanshu, we are waiting. And just a quick reminder to all and sundry, including myself: Let us drill identical values in sons and daughters on how to treat the opposite sex. 

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