Man Jumps From Beach To Force Himself Inside Akshay Kumar's House, Hides In Dustbin, Sent To Jail

CAUGHT & JAILED: Akshay Kumar can't believe it how a man almost walked up to his door to meet him at 2 AM. That he was apprehended in the nick of time is another story. Read the ENTIRE INCIDENT

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Man Jumps From Beach To Force Himself Inside Akshay Kumar's House, Hides In Dustbin, Sent To Jail
The plan was to ring Akshay Kumar's bell. The plan was to meet the Khiladi. And then, what the nuisance element had in mind, we don't know--- but shudder to think at length. So, it happened on Monday night at Akshay's Juhu house (at the ground floor) when the actor was blissfully sleeping in his bedroom. A man, who calls himself Akshay's fan, jumped from the beach straight into the star's building compound which is attached to his house's lawn. 

Buzz is, he knew it won't be easy to go inside, at least immediately, so he decided to bide some time in a dustbin his eyes fell on. But the guards had heard some movement in the back side of the premises and quickly reached to the spot where he had landed. The man was not to be seen as he had comfortably put himself in the dustbin, which we hear, was rather large.

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Seems, the guards went back to their respective positions after finding nothing, no thanks to the dustbin. And now- after a good 15-20 minutes, sensing that the road was clear---- the man decided to come out from the dustbin. And he switched on his mobile light. A big mistake, because just then, two guards had returned to the same spot to check again. The very next minute, the man was apprehended. We are not sure if he was thrashed but yes, the police was immediately called.

As you read this, the man is in jail. A case has been registered against him for trespassing," confirms DCP Manoj Kumar Sharma. "He will now be tried in court." Criminal trespass is normally a Class B misdemeanor with a fine up to $2,000 and a jail term up to 180 days.

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Sharma adds, "I don't think anything happened related to the dustbin and mobile light. You see, the guards saved the situation from becoming ugly," and concludes to say, "Such incidents are common in a celebrity's life. Even when celebs are out, their fans try to come so near to them."

It's dangerous, and it's more dangerous if you have a house facing the beach. Security, howsoever strong, can fail sometimes. Thank God, it didn't this time.

Image Source:- Wonderfulmumbai/popopics/gujratifilms