Nana Patekar Opens Up About The Loss Of His 2-Year-Old Son, Says ‘Certain Incidents In Life Are Simply Out Of Hands’

Nana Patekar gets emotional and opens up about the tragic loss of his son Durvasa in a recent interaction, read to know below

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Nana Patekar Opens Up About The Loss Of His 2-Year-Old Son, Says ‘Certain Incidents In Life Are Simply Out Of Hands’
Veteran Bollywood actor Nana Patekar recently shared a poignant and heart-wrenching account of his life, revealing the deep emotional scars left by the loss of his firstborn son, Durvasa. Durvasa, who passed away at the tender age of two and a half years, was born with a congenital eye disorder. This condition posed a significant challenge for Nana and his family, adding layers of struggle to their already arduous journey. In a heartfelt conversation with The Lallantop, the 73-year-old actor disclosed the profound impact of this tragedy on his life.

Nana candidly spoke about the initial years of Durvasa’s life, highlighting the health complications that plagued his son from birth. Durvasa had trouble with one of his eyes, which was not visible, a condition that left Nana deeply concerned about societal perceptions. He reflected on his earlier mindset, admitting that he was more worried about how people would judge his son's appearance rather than focusing on Durvasa's own feelings and experiences. This admission underscored the immense pressure and emotional turmoil Nana faced during that period.

With a heavy heart, Nana reminisced about Durvasa’s brief life, expressing sorrow and acknowledging the uncontrollable nature of certain life events. He poignantly stated, “We knew him as Durvasa and he lived among us for two and a half years. However, certain incidents in life take place that are simply out of our hands.” This reflection highlighted the actor's acceptance of the tragic loss and the enduring pain it caused.

During the interview, Nana also addressed other significant aspects of his life and career. He discussed the allegations made by actress Tanushree Dutta during the MeToo movement, as well as his noticeable absence from the upcoming film "Welcome 3," part of a popular series in which he previously starred alongside Anil Kapoor. Despite the gravity of these topics, Nana maintained a sense of humour. When asked about not being included in "Welcome to The Jungle," he wittily remarked, “I am not part of it, they likely think I’m passé (they might feel I lack contemporary relevance).” This comment reflected his ability to handle career setbacks with grace and humor, despite his illustrious career spanning nearly five decades and being adorned with three national awards.

Through this deeply emotional and multifaceted conversation, Nana Patekar not only opened up about the personal pain of losing his son but also shed light on his resilience and ability to navigate the complexities of both personal and professional life.

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