Naseeruddin Shah To Be Discharged From Hospital On Monday

Naseeruddin Shah is doing fine, will be discharged from hospital on Monday

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Naseeruddin Shah To Be Discharged From Hospital On Monday
Naseeruddin Shah will finally be discharged from the hospital on Monday. The 70-year-old actor was admitted to the Khar-based P D Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, a non-COVID-19 facility, on June 29. When I asked him if he was being discharged from the hospital on Sunday as he had earlier indicated, Naseeruddin Shah stated, “I am fine. Going home tomorrow (Monday).”

This is most certainly a happy news for his family -- wife Ratna, daughter Heeba, and sons Imaad and Vivaan who have been consistently monitoring his health.

On June 30, when I had reached out to Naseeruddin Shah, he had replied, “Patch on the lung, investigations on. Thanks for your good wishes.”

Last year, during an interview with me, Naseerudding Shah had spoken about his need to control his temper and the growing intolerance in the country. He said, "I would consciously try to control my temper which runs away with me often .It’s a bad habit I would like to lose but apart from that I wouldn't change a thing even if it was in my power to do so.”

Speaking of the growing intolerance, he said, "As a nation, we grow more intolerant. Even the lockdown has unlocked new waves of bigotry as Muslims are being blamed for the spread of the virus. We have to learn to cope with whatever life throws at us, but the fact is thoughts of mortality occur more frequently than they used to. To utter the word 'intolerance' in India has become blasphemous and moderate, liberal etc have become pejoratives. But what's happening in the country is tragic and it angers me. It does not scare me as some people seem to derive pleasure from repeating. If the people fanning the flames had any idea what their provocations can lead to, maybe they would desist.”

The veteran actor had a “small patch” of pneumonia in his lungs and was undergoing treatment.

Image Source: Instagram/naseeruddin49, spotboye archives